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Thank you for visiting VR00m, the official blog of Flagship One, where quality car engine computers, powertrain control modules, and all kinds of electronic control units for Ford, Chrysler, GM, and other automakers’ vehicles can be found at the deepest discounts anywhere online or off.  We are close to celebrating our tenth year serving you, and have decided that this is an appropriate occasion for launching an journal of our thoughts about the industry, including current and future trends as well as general company news and periodic discounts.  That’s right, follow us for insights and opinions — and keep checking back for exclusive offers and savings!

Whether it’s car engine computers, transmission control modules, body control modules, or any other system command component for airbags, brakes, you name it — we’ve got it, and we’ve got an opinion and expertise to go along with it all.  Now while you can always just easily write us or call 516-766-2223 to speak to a dedicated Flagship One representative who’s well-experienced in sourcing the right part for your vehicle, no matter its make or model (or model year!), this here blog is the best place to go for our thoughts on “big-picture” matters;  part knowledge base and part market analysis we promise that VR00m will be usefully intelligent, entertaining, and informative.  Plus, you’ll even get to meet Flagship One staff for a detailed behind-the-scenes look at who we are and what we do!  It’s no wonder we’re the highest-rated vendor in the business for customer satisfaction, with well over 25,000 five-star reviews…and counting!

Flagship One is where car owners, mechanics, and dealers go to upgrade their vehicle’s brains, and our blog will educate you in how we do what we do as well as provide insights into the wider automobile industry, only with a highly personal perspective as the leading car control parts supplier.  It’s a genuinely unique take on the business which you simply won’t find anywhere else on the whole wide web!  For we’re not just enthusiasts and not just retailers but “all-of-the-above” and more.  We’re Flagship One, and this is our blog!  Welcome.

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