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All Isuzu PCM (Powertrain Control Module) Isuzu ECM (Engine Control Module) & Isuzu ECU (Electronic Control Unit)from Flagship One,Inc. are precisely programmed and flashed to meet your vehicle's specific requirements. Our Isuzu PCM,Isuzu ECM and Isuzu ECU units that are labeled plug & play will not require any additional programming.

    Here is a list of all of the Isuzu PCM, Isuzu ECM and Isuzu Control Modules that we have in stock and are ready to ship:
  • Isuzu Ascender PCM | Isuzu Ascender ECM | Isuzu Ascender ECU
  • Isuzu Hombre PCM | Isuzu Hombre ECM | Isuzu Hombre ECU
  • Isuzu i-Series PCM | Isuzu i-Series ECM | Isuzu i-Series ECU