2013 Ford Escape Ecoboost Problems 

2013 Ford Escape is one of the renowned SUV trims in North America. It has a durable design, excellent cooling system and great off-road performance. Also, the automobile can carry a total of five individuals and has a comfortable passenger’s seat. The SUV has won several medals in various fields ranging from the excellent for value to best auto for the family.

However, apart from the desirable features of the 2013 Ford Escape, several customers have reported complains citing defects. Some of the complaints include default air conditioners, brakes, and car seat belts, among others. Here are some of the 2013 Ford Escape Ecoboost problems cited by customers.

  • Grinding brakes

Both the slightly used and unused Ford Escape sel have operative brake systems. However, various defects cause critical problems such as brake wear and causing the ABS sensor system to fail or to degenerate. If this occurs, it’s advisable to visit the nearest Ford dealer for assistance.

Further, it’s advisable to put on the seat belt while your hands are on the steering wheels. You should also ensure that your airbags are in order at all times.

  • Faulty wiring harness

A faulty wiring harness makes the door latches defective. 161 EcoBoost owners also complain about how bad the power source operates. They state that most of the time, the battery can die without giving a warning. To ensure that your car is safe to drive, it’s recommendable to check the engine lights. In case you note any fault, take your drive system to a reputable auto repair firm for checkups and maintenance.

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  • Defective engine

Voice command is one of the traits the Escape titanium offers. It has 4WD and turbo AWD mechanisms that make it years ahead with designs such as Toyota Camry and Chevrolet equinox. Nonetheless, fault in the engine undermines the auto’s performance. Most customers want the regular EcoBoost engine failure to be addressed. T

hey cite that even after following several servicing, curbing this problem is impossible. The defects affecting most 161 engines, according to customers report, can cause fire threatening car safety and life. You can notice this and other problems by scrutinizing the check engine light. You can also contact a Ford dealer to get guidelines and more information on the subject and the best engine coolant to use.

  • Unexpected Transmission Shifts

2013 Ford Escape SE has 1.61l Ecoboost 4 cylinder engine, which has its merits and demerits. This makes the car to top a variety of its peers. However, customers state that the car is associated with regular gear shifts. Shifting gears downward while diving can be stressful. This is frightful, more so when it occurs while one is driving at high speeds or during bad weather.

Other reports indicate that the auto gets stuck in reverse mode and rebuff to move forward. Jerks and flips, which signal incompetent drive systems, are also common occurrences. In such occurrences, visit professional mechanic with adequate experience on how to fix the problem. The specialist you choose should also be able to offer other services such as changing the transmission fluid.

Minor 2013 Ford Escape Ecoboost

Other minor issues arise from driving the 2013 Ford Escape titanium according to users’ reports. They include; white smoke emissions, electrical system damage, broken water pump, excessive noise pollution while accelerating, peeling-off of rear defroster grid and torque converter spilling. To avoid the adverse effects of these problems on your car, it is good to take your automobile for checkups and maintenance regularly to a reckon dealership.


2013 Ford Escape Ecoboost 1.6L | PCM Engine Computer ECM ECU Programmed & Updated

According to customers’ reviews, Ford Escapes are the best for sporty appearance, comfortable riding and the number of passengers one can carry. However, the 2013 Ford Escape vehicles have several problems that need to be addressed. As discussed above, it’s important to keep an eye on your SUV and the escape engine computer and fuel system. If you note any of the issues stated above, call your car Ford dealership and have them start working on it immediately.

Doing this will help to maintain vehicle safety, reduce replacement and repair costs, thus enabling you to save more. However, some of these problems can be prevented by replacing your faulty 2013 Ford Ecoboost Engine Control Module (ECM)


Are there any recalls on 2013 Ford Escapes?

Yes. There was a safety recall which saw about 140,000 vehicles recalled. This happened after apprise was made that the Ford engines were faulty. However, in some cases, the defects were as a result of engine fires.
More details concerning this can be accessed through the Ford Motors website. Also, you can get more details by contacting the Ford or National Traffic Safety Administrations.

Is the 2013 Ford Escape reliable?

In terms of fuel consumption, Ford Escapes have almost the same capabilities. For example, the 2013 Ford Escape Ecoboost front-drive with 2.5 turbo engines is ranked at 22mpgCity/32 by EPAs. This automobile is reliable and has ideal features that make it the favorite choice for ford lovers.

How many miles a 2013 Ford Escape last?

The Ford Escape models have no standard measure of gas mileage since their handling varies with owners. Observing regular servicing increases the lifespan of your SUV, but it doesn’t guarantee that they are free from any problems. Poor handling reduces performance, minimized working life, which results in shorter mileage.

What problems do Ford Escapes have?

The Ford SUVs, like other models, are prone to emissions from time to time. This is usually the case when you fail to give your Ford Escape regular maintenance. The common emission problems that can occur are shudder and transmission failure.
However, they should not give you a heart attack since just a visit to the nearest garage can be fixed. Other problems cited by Ford owners’ include low safety ranking, trouble spots concerning oil change, picky technology features and faulty seat belts.

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