1999 Toyota Camry Problems

The 1999 Toyota Camry is a reliable family car that has earned its good reputation with its intuitive design and smooth performance. Much has changed for the 1999 Toyota Camry from the previous year’s model. It’s a reliable family car and some of its most important features are its low entry price and standardized fuel economy. Most models received daytime running lights, cargo capacity, soft front seats, timing belts, and an upgraded sound system.

The 1999 Toyota Camry was modified in three trim levels: the base CE, the midlevel Toyota Camry LE V6, and the high-end Toyota Camry XLE. The models came with a 4-cylinder, 2.2-liter, 133-hp engine, and a 194-hp V6 version. The average fuel economy of the 1999 Toyota Camry is approximately 20 to 30 miles/gallon (mpg), depending on the model engine.

Toyota cCamry XLE drives well in a wide variety of conditions; it offers desired reliability and comes with safety measures that car buyers look for today. The Toyota Camry LE has stretched a bit further by providing a V6 model with improved car value that includes air conditioning, power steering and windows, a quality navigation system, door locks, cruise control, and adjusted variable intermittent wipers. From a roomy passenger compartment to expanded cargo capacity in the trunk, the 1999 Toyota Camry is just built for an active lifestyle.

The 1999 Toyota Camry holds a place as one of the most valued family cars in the auto market. Ranging from its great drive to exemplary performance and reliability, this model comes with significant improvements that make it surpass its predecessor. However, like any other vehicle, the 1999 Toyota Camry can, and does, break down on occasion.

1999 Toyota Camry Problems

The information on problems is based on various Camry repairs, to help car buyers who may intend to own this vehicle. It provides a reliable verdict that can be used to rate this model and quote the car value on occasions when you plan to sell your car. Highlighted are the worst and most common problems that the 1999 Toyota Camry is likely to encounter and their relative repair costs. It’s an owner manual and a guide to car buyers on what to expect in this year’s model.

1999 Toyota Camry problems

· 1999 Toyota Camry Check Engine Light

The warning light comes on every time your car’s engine is running. The primary cause of this problem is faulty oxygen sensors. These sensors detect the oxygen levels of an exhaust flow. Camry engine performance can be hampered by temperature, humidity, and the engine load.

The Camry’s computer will automatically adjust the engine performance in response to the exhaust oxygen levels. This is a common complaint, especially with the Toyota Camry LE V6 model. To fix this, replace the oxygen sensors and keep checking your Camry for the associated warning light. The repair cost for oxygen sensors is relatively high.

· Power Steering Pump and Hoses Leak

Having a regular servicing schedule is essential to monitoring the power steering fluid levels in your Camry. Oil leaks have been reported frequently as a common problem, and are hard to repair. The leaks can come from different places and are a significant threat to your fuel economy. For better maintenance, you need to find a skilled mechanic who will go over your vehicle part by part while looking for any oil leakage. The 1999 Toyota Camry Engine Control Module can be the other alternative way of monitoring your engine status. Fixing oil leaks comes with huge costs, and the problem is most prevalent in the V6 model of Camry.

·  Motor Mount Wear

The motor mount typically secures the Camry engine to the car frame. It is also essential to absorption of road vibrations and the motion of the Camry engine. Motor mount wear is a complaint associated with higher gas mileage vehicles. When the Camry is idling, there is some noticeable shaking or vibrations.

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When the complaint persists with no mechanical checkup, it’s likely to crack the Camry engine. For a proper car repair, change the mount and keep servicing to maintain a reliable vehicle. Some warning lights may also appear to notify you of the problem.

· Oil Leak from the Valve Gasket

Camry engines come with valves that are always covered by valve covers and gaskets. Valve covers are responsible for preventing oil leakage. Leaks are noticed through a burning smell or visible oil spillage after your vehicle is parked for a while.

Cases are typically in the V6 models and lower their value. Leaks will increase your fuel economy as they come with huge oil change costs. To fix them, you require to have the cover tightened, and if the gasket or valve cover is wholly damaged, replace it completely.

·  1999 Toyota Camry Transmission Hesitation

Transmission lag is felt in an instant acceleration. This Camry problem can be a result of a computer problem. To automatically repair this issue, update the Camry software. Vehicles with higher gas mileage can experience this problem due to a worn transmission part.

It’s essential to keep updating your software, especially when parts are replaced. It will ensure you have a reliable car, with improved car value and lower repair costs. The repairs for transmission hesitation will depend on the severity of the problem.

Pro Tip: Consider an Extended Warranty

Today, car maintenance can be more complicated than expected, which means Camry repairs can become expensive. With an extended protection plan, every repair cost for the 1999 Toyota Camry is fully covered. Try to get an extended warranty package from trusted partners of your choice.


The 1999 Toyota Camry is a family sedan with a quiet and steady ride. It’s an improved version with front seats and other navigation systems modified. This sedan sometimes won’t start due to some common Toyota problems. You need to install the Camry Engine Control Module as an upgrade to keep monitoring your Camry engine.

1999 Toyota Camry FAQ’s

How many miles can a 1999 Toyota Camry last?

Proper maintenance makes a difference, and the gas mileage may depend on several factors. However, it has been said that a standard 1999 Toyota Camry engine will last more than 300,000 miles. 

What model/year of Camry should be avoided?

According to car complaints, the 2007 Toyota Camry is plagued with complicated issues. A massive recall was done to fix the various problems, and over 6,000,000 cars of this model were affected.

What is a 1999 Toyota Camry worth?

A 1999 Toyota Camry is worth between $632 and $3,551 depending on the engine, gas mileage, and other considerations.

Is a 1998 Toyota Camry a good car?

The 1998 Camry is a reliable car full of comfort. Its ride is very smooth, and power is always distributed well. It’s a good family car.

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