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Flagship One has always been about people, first and foremost our customers, but behind every happy customer is a well-trained and highly experienced Flagship One Team Member, and so we are our people, the good dedicated folks who make each and every order not only possible but pleasant as well.  We have built a solid reputation to go along with our comprehensive catalog, and it’s truly thanks to all the hard-working Flagship One staff who translate all those parts and problems into total solution satisfaction day-in/day-out.  From auto mechanics and car dealerships to motoring enthusiasts and ordinary drivers alike, Flagship One is everybody and their cousin’s Got-To Go-To for Engine Control Modules, Body Control Modules, and the Really Great Folks behind it all!

Our core group of loyal repeat customers are a smart bunch who know quality and value, so they turn to us time and again for all their car control module needs.  PCM’s, ECM’s, BCM’s, TCM’s, you name it…we even have a matrimonial attorney on staff!  No, really — our people are as diverse as our selection and they work as hard as you do, going that extra mile when your own engine fails, doing all we have to in order to get your vehicle back on its wheels!  You can meet most of us here — the ones who aren’t publicity-shy, anyway (and even then some are camera-shy)! — and see for yourself why we are the industry’s ECM-BCM-and-ETC (for anything else you need!) People!

Thank you very, very much for your business all these past ten years.  It’s been nothing but car engine computers and the like for us, but things look to take a vastly different turn in the times upon us: We look forward to celebrating serving you for decades to come as technology takes us from driverless cars to vehicles powered by the very air!

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