ECM Diagnostics & Repairs

ECM Diagnostics

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Our technicians here at Flagship One have compiled a list to help determine if you have a faulty ECU. These are some of the top reasons for a faulty PCM/ECM/ECU Control Module.

Review this list if you are experiencing any of the following issues on your vehicle:

  • Check Engine Light comes right back on, after reset
  • Vehicle has been jump-started on reverse polarity
  • Engine all the sudden turns off without any reason
  • Engine Computer water or burn damage
  • Spark loss
  • Injection pulse or fuel pump loss of power
  • Intermittent starting
  • Engine Computer overheating issues
  • Broken Pins on the Engine Computer
  • No communication between the Engine Computer and the Scanner
  • CMOS Checksum error
  • Erratic engine idle
  • Dirty or malfunctioning Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor
  • Stalling (the car just shuts off)
  • Bad running condition
  • Bad fuel economy

Here’s the schematics to recap the following Inputs and Outputs that need to be checked in order to recognize a faulty Engine Computer.

engine computer inputs outputs

Before sending us your unit, we kindly recommend you to test/replace the following:

  • Ignition Module & coils
  • DME Relay or Main Relay
  • Spark plugs
  • Fuel injectors
  • Idle control valves
  • TDC and RPM reference sensors
  • Air flow or mass flow meter
  • Throttle position sensor
  • Power supply
  • Grounds

If you have reviewed all of the following and still believe that you have a faulty Engine Computer, save your time and money by testing it with us first before spending on costly diagnostic labor and sensors. Meanwhile, check out this video we made demonstrating how to diagnose a faulty Engine Computer.

ECM Repair

A faulty Engine Computer is a very common issue on a pre-owned vehicle. What's even more common, are other issues causing the vehicle owner to believe their Control Module is dysfunctioning. When as a matter of fact, the Engine Computer is perfectly fine.

Of course, there are numerous reasons for a faulty Engine Computer. We listed in detail every last one of them, so you could be 100% sure that the problems you're experiencing are ECU related. If your still not sure your computer is faulty or have any other questions, please fill out the inquiry form below.

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