2014 Ford Focus Problems To Keep In Check

The 2014 Ford Focus is among the most successful Ford vehicles to ever grace the roads. Like most vehicles, though, a new 2014 Ford Focus has a unique set of problems. According to the lemon law, the Ford Focus needs to meet several quality requirements. Many reasons can lead to problems with your car. That is why visiting a garage once in a while for servicing is recommendable. Areas prone to flaws in your 2014 Ford Focus include door latches, transmission, fuel efficiency systems, clutch, or even the 2014 powertrain control modules ( ECM / PCM /ECU ). If you fail to address these issues, your car’s functionality will worsen over time. Below are more problems you can encounter in the 2014 Ford Focus:

  • An issue with the transmission

The 2014 Ford Focus boasts several desirable traits, such as keyless entry. However, it remains susceptible to several defects that include transmission issues. Since the car utilizes an automatic transmission mechanism, it is prone to various errors, including inefficient gas systems and delayed gear shifts. Several reports by Ford customers indicate a problem with the cars’ automatic transmission and manual transmission . The symptoms reported include low fluids, grinding and sometimes the car shakes, which shows the transmission system needs servicing. Another sign that calls for transmission repairs is the burning smell from the vehicle. In most cases, it is also normal for the check engine light to initialize. The chief cause for this defect is leaking transmission fluid.

  • The clutch disc is defective

The traits that describe the 2014 Ford Focus depict an ergonomic yet reliable locomotive. However, the car still falls short in several areas within the scope of its functionality. One such area is the clutch, which, according to various Ford users, functions poorly. Many drivers claim to have replaced the clutch at least a few times. If your 2014 Ford Focus displays the following issues, then it is probably an issue with the clutch. First, the vehicle performs very poorly and produces peculiar sounds while driving. Second, the car exhibits slow movements while its engine races very quickly. In other instances, the vehicle fails to shift into gear. In such cases, it is most advisable to visit a ford focus se motor company.

2014 ford focus PCM
  • The steering wheel is stiff and hard

Among other prevalent issues reported by Ford owners include stiff steering. This can be perilous, especially while driving, as it may lead to accidents. Low power steering fluid, which stems from leaking steering fluid leads to hard steering. Transmission control modules are responsible for detecting the defect via sensors and relaying the message to the engine control unit. You can identify the errors yourself if you notice any burning smell or grinding sounds. If the strut bearing is bad, your steering will likely have difficulties moving as well. A hard-to-move steering wheel can also result due to an old power belt or a damaged one. Leaks contribute to an undependable steering wheel.

  • Traction control and pressure monitor aren’t working

Many vehicles today, including the 2014 Ford Focus, make use of an electric system, which improves their efficiency. With traction control and automatic brake systems, the 2014 Ford Focus model offers more safety even on low-friction roads. The Ford PCM also provides excellent features such as pressure and fuel efficiency monitors. A fuel monitor helps Ford drivers monitor fuel consumption. Some 2014 Ford Focus owners have reported issues with their monitors and traction control. You can reset the fuel monitor whenever it is defective. Signs that indicate your fuel monitor is faulty include a misfiring engine, fuel leaks, slow acceleration and release of black smoke from the tailpipe.  You can address these issues by visiting a garage near you and having a professional mechanic service the vehicle.

Other issues you might find in the 2014 ford focus

There are other issues affecting vehicles manufactured by Ford, such as their Ford Focus hatchback. These problems range from issues in the engine to tires, 2014 Ford Focus pcm issues transmission and even brakes. They might stem from sticking and binding in the pedal linkages, cross and even shafts. Other problems that you might find are:

       The engine declines to start

       Problems during deceleration

       Defective fuel efficiency regulators, fuel efficiency. ( Rare for the ford focus se )

       Reduced vehicle stability

When such an issue arises, do not hesitate to contact Ford for assistance. Or, you can opt to take your vehicle to a credible mechanic who guarantees an expert job. To ensure that your car returns to an optimal condition ( no road noise ) , use genuine spare parts to make replacements.

Conclusion on the Ford Focus

The 2014 Ford Focus has numerous advantages. From electric systems to automatic transmission mechanisms, the list continues. Nonetheless, some Ford customers have reported several issues with this particular trim. Although some of the concerns are true, not all cases are severe. Some are just random occurrences that result due to mishandling and rough driving.

If your 2014 Ford Focus develops any defect while under warranty, take the matter up with Ford motors. Since Ford is one of the most reliable companies available, it covers all repair costs on non-standard new vehicles bought at their retail dealers. To summarize, the 2014 Ford Focus is a dependable car compared to most of its peers. However, there are various shortcomings you need to check.  


Is the 2014 Ford Focus reliable?

Yes. This car has several desirable features that make it stand out. It also boasts an automatic transmission system, which helps conserve fuel economy. However, if you fail to service the vehicle at reasonable intervals, some defects might arise that undermine its reliability.

Are there any recalls on a 2014 Ford Focus?

Yes. Over 50,000 2014 Ford Focus vehicles have been recalled so far, due to fears of incorrect steering installations. You can contact Ford company motors for further information regarding this matter.

Does Ford Focus have transmission problems?

Although not as rampant, several Ford customers have reported claims of transmission issues. Transmission issues can affect your Ford Focus’ fuel economy significantly. A credible and upfront mechanic will have the problems solved within no time and at reasonable costs.

Is Ford Focus a reliable car?

Yes. Nonetheless, the overall reliability of your Ford Focus still relies on how you manage the car. Constant visits to the garage can help lengthen the car’s longevity. It can also boost the vehicle’s dependability.

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