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All Ford PCM (Powertrain Control Module), Ford ECM (Engine Control Module) & Ford ECU (Electronic Control Unit) from Flagship One, Inc. are precisely programmed and flashed to meet your vehicle's specific requirements.

Our Ford PCM, Ford ECM and Ford ECU units that are labeled plug & play will not require any additional programming.

    Here is a list of all of the Ford PCM, Ford ECM and Ford Control Modules that we have in stock and are ready to ship:
  • Ford Aerostar PCM | Ford Aerostar ECM | Ford Aerostar ECU
  • Ford Bronco PCM | Ford Bronco ECM | Ford Bronco ECU
  • Ford C-Max PCM | Ford C-Max ECM | Ford C-Max ECU
  • Ford Contour PCM | Ford Contour ECM | Ford Contour ECU
  • Ford Crown Victoria PCM | Ford Crown Victoria ECM | Ford Crown Victoria ECU
  • Ford Edge PCM Repair | Ford Edge ECM | Ford Edge ECU
  • Ford Escape PCM | Ford Escape ECM | Ford Escape ECU Repair
  • Ford Escort PCM | Ford Escort ECM | Ford Escort ECU
  • Ford Excursion PCM | Ford Excursion ECM | Ford Excursion ECU
  • Ford Expedition PCM Powertrain Control Module | Ford Expedition ECM | Ford Expedition ECU
  • Ford Explorer PCM | Ford Explorer ECM | Ford Explorer ECU
  • Ford Fiesta PCM | Ford Fiesta ECM | Ford Fiesta ECU
  • Ford Five Hundred PCM | Ford Five Hundred ECM | Ford Five Hundred ECU Repair
  • Ford Flex PCM | Ford Flex ECM | Ford Flex ECU
  • Ford Freestar PCM | Ford Freestar ECM Repair | Ford Freestar ECU
  • Ford Freestyle PCM Repair | Ford Freestyle ECM | Ford Freestyle ECU
  • Ford Fusion PCM | Ford Fusion ECM | Ford Fusion ECU
  • Ford Harley Davidson PCM | Ford Harley Davidson ECM | Ford Harley Davidson ECU Repair
  • Ford Lightning PCM | Ford Five Lightning ECM | Ford Five Lightning ECU
  • Ford Maverick PCM Repair | Ford Maverick ECM | Ford Maverick ECU
  • Ford Motorhome PCM | Ford Motorhome ECM | Ford Motorhome Powerstroke ECM
  • Ford Mustang PCM |Ford Mustang ECM | Ford Mustang ECU
  • Ford Probe PCM | Ford Probe ECM | Ford Probe ECU
  • Ford Ranger PCM | Ford Ranger ECM Repair | Ford Ranger ECU Electronic Control Unit
  • Ford Taurus PCM | Ford Taurus ECM | Ford Taurus ECU
  • Ford Taurus X PCM |Ford Taurus X ECM Repair|Ford Taurus X ECU
  • Ford Tempo PCM | Ford Tempo ECM | Ford Tempo ECU
  • Ford Thunderbird PCM | Ford Thunderbird ECM | Ford Thunderbird ECU
  • Ford Transit PCM | Ford Transit ECM | Ford Transit ECU
  • Ford Transit Connect PCM | Ford Transit Connect ECM | Ford Transit Connect ECU
  • Ford Transit Van PCM | Ford Transit Van ECM | Ford Transit Van ECU
  • Ford Truck(F-Series) PCM | Ford Truck(F-Series) ECM | Ford Truck (F-Series) ECU
  • Ford Truck F150 PCM | Ford Truck F150 ECM | Ford Truck F150 ECU
  • Ford Truck F250 PCM | Ford Truck F250 ECM | Ford Truck F250 ECU
  • Ford Truck F350 PCM | Ford Truck F350 ECM | Ford Truck F350 ECU
  • Ford Van (E-Series) PCM | Ford Van(E-Series) ECM | Ford Van(E-Series) ECU
  • Ford Van E150 PCM | Ford Van E150 ECM | Ford Van E150 ECU
  • Ford Van E250 PCM | Ford Van E250 ECM | Ford Van E250 ECU
  • Ford Van E350 PCM | Ford Van E350 ECM | Ford Van E350 ECU
  • Ford Windstar PCM | Ford Windstar ECM | Ford Windstar ECU Car Computer