ECM Programming & Car Computer Repair 

The majority of engine computers for vehicles from 1996-present (OBD II) are subject to programming in order to function properly in your vehicle. Most units before 1996 (OBD I) are referred to as plug-n-play.

ECM Repair | ECM Programming | ECM Reprogramming

We offer Engine Computer reprogramming on a wide range of Ford, Chrysler electronic control modules, General Motors & Toyota Engine Computers, ECM, ECU and PCM module units. If we are offer computer reprogramming for your make and model, it will be mentioned in the Product Description of the item you are viewing. Our module repair services have saved customers like you thousands of dollars by providing a cheaper replacement ecm service than most repair shops, our diagnostic tools are always running on the latest OEM software which give us the ability to program your control unit in a breeze.

Engine Control Module Testing | ECU Repair 

To ensure that our Engine Control Modules are in working condition, we run our diagnostic software and tests on all units using the latest re programming software available, before they are shipped out to our customers. ECM (electronic control modules) testing/ECM diagnosis is done in-house by our team of programmers and licensed mechanics.

Powertrain Control Module Flashing | ECU Updates

Car computer flashing refers to the most recent manufacturer updates which will be programmed to your vehicles VIN. These updates will help improve the performance and fuel economy of your vehicle. The ECM Programming service is performed on most OBD II (OBDii Vehicles) units and is included with the purchase of the Engine Control Module meaning there is no need to go to your local auto repair shop or dealer after receiving your unit from us. After thorough vehicles diagnostic, Vehicle manufacturer all over the world release software updates to improve the performance of their vehicle computer ( control module ECM ) and engine power . .


engine computer with wire harness
ecm programming service


ECM programming service / ECU Flash programming
Truck Engine Computer Replacewment
All of our units will serve as direct replacements for your vehicle's current computer. We do not have a core charge for either car and truck PCM. Customers original units are theirs to keep. Refer to our privacy policy for cummins ecm repair service and cummins ecm programming service.

PATS (Passive Anti-Theft System)

If your vehicle is equipped with PATS or contains a computer chip in the vehicles key then you may be required to have a set of keys reprogrammed. We provide key reprogramming services for select makes and models, all of which are listed on this website (e.g. 1L2A-12A650-AEA | 2002 Ford Explorer 4.0L ECM PCM ECU  (electronic control unit) flashed reprogrammed with Keys | NCD-100/120). You can choose to have a Locksmith or Ford Dealer reprogram the keys as well. If your vehicle does not have PATS then your programmed unit will be plug and play. Skip the trip to your local dealer and auto repair shops, lnquire about our flash programming services today!



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