2004 Ford Explorer Problems To Keep In Mind

The Ford Company made another modern American station wagon. The 2004 ford explorer is capable of carrying seven people. Both V6 and V8 engines are available for the model. The V6 provides plenty of power unless you are driving in mountain areas where air input is thin. 2004 Explorer generation model has features with superb five-speed automatic transmission. Safety features abound with the development of anti-lock brakes. Side-curtains protection is an option in the 2004 Explorer but highly recommended. It is stable, especially on slippery surfaces, as it rides on a full track and longer wheelbase. Unfortunately, numerous problems are associated the 2004 Ford Explorer.   

Most common 2004 Ford Explorer problems 

The major complaint realized is in the body and paint. The cracked panel below the rear window is the most prevalent issue. The raising issue leaves your car with no damage, and the possible solution is to wait for the company to recall for the panel replacement. 

Other Problems in the 2004 Ford Explorer 

Despite the exterior body issues being the most prevalent problem with the 2004 explorer, other evident raising issues can cause malfunction of other parts. The following issues are realized: 

  • Transmission Failure 

The faulty transmission system noticed when the car jumps gears without warning. Slipping gears in and out when driving is another sign. If there is a challenge in shifting the gears, then your transmission system is currently failing. A regular visit to the mechanic can guarantee you a safe mode. 

  • O/D Light Blinking

It is another issue within the transmission system. A sensory speeding light appears on the engine modulation area. A possible solution is to replace the faulty part with a new transmission system completely. 

  • Heater Stuck On Hottest Setting

You might realize that your 2004 Ford Explorer is becoming hot. There are underlying complaints of the 2004 wagon to get stuck in the most tropical setting. The unusual condition is as a result of the broken heater blend door. Heater blend failure is the inability to maintain the temperature standard. The unstable temperature on the heater stuck leads to breaking the heater blend door, and the replacement of the heater core is the best option. 

engine control module for a ford explorer
  • Rough Idle and Stalling

Your 2004 Ford can experience a rough idling and stalling. The problem results in misfiring and losing power. A vacuum leak created when the ring gaskets cracks. The O-ring gasket creates a vacuum seal. It covers two or more parts, and when there is a vacuum leak, air enters the engine and fuel system. You are required to replace the gaskets to solve this issue altogether. However, the engine control module should have a regular examination to curb this concern. 

  • Crack on the Plastic Intake Manifold 

This crack causes detrimental coolant leakage. 2004 Ford Explorer is mainly affected due to the overheating of the plastic Manifold. Leakage sometimes occurs due to factory defect, which causes a crack on the first coolant passage. Every consistent leak will make your engine to overheat and is well noted when the vehicle is idling. A service schedule is required to fix every engine coolant issue. 

  • Worn Timing Chain Cassettes 

Unexpected noise comes from the Explorer engine. The rattling noise is an alert of the worn and damaged timing Chain Cassettes. To effectively correct this issue, you need to install an updated timing cassette.  

  • Abnormal acceleration and deceleration 

Some 2004 Ford Explorer vehicles experience unintended acceleration and deceleration. A hesitation is felt during the rolling stop, followed by a harsh forward move. It is caused by design flow in the valve body. This problem results in the loss of reverse gear on the shift. Modify the valve body by efficiently removing one hole in the valve body separator plate. 

  • Solenoid Failure 

Failed Solenoid is one of the most common Ford Explorer problems. They have a plunger design and is used by the car computer to route pressurized transmission fluid and shift gears. The computer system releases an electrical charge through the coil pack wire to activate the Solenoid. Heat and vibration can make these wires short-circuit, leading to engine and transmission problems. 


Is a 2004 Ford Explorer a good car?

2004 Ford Explorer is modeled with quality reliability and a compliant ride. The station wagon has smooth and interactive transport skewed towards comfort. A recent survey returned positive feedback from the consumers indicating that 2004 Explorer is a good car. 

Does 2004 Ford Explorer have transmission problems?

Transmission failures are undeniable with station wagon Explorers, particularly the 2004 model. Emerging complaints from consumer’s report transmission failure occur after only 80,000 miles of normal driving. Although the received complaints are fewer on the 2004 Ford Explorer, transmission problems do occur.  

What the year 2004 Ford Explorers have transmission problems?

When your Ford Explorer jumps gears with no apparent warning, then transmission failure is experienced. Further, mechanical maintenance is subject to the lifespan of the system. 2004 is the year when the newly modeled Ford Explorer experienced this defect after moving around 80,000 to 180,000 miles of the regular drive. 

Does 2004 Ford Explorer have any recalls?  

Official recalls are consistently issued to 2004 Ford Explorer. Every recall is free and does not cost you, but they come at a limited time. You should contact local Ford Service operators to repair the affected system once recall is announced. There was a recall on May 11, 2009, to replace the Headlamps. Other Recall to 2004 model was on December 11, 2007. The event aimed to service the curved tempered automotive glass. 


2004 Ford Explorer is undoubtedly affected by several problems, as mentioned above. When planning a clear maintenance schedule, consider a check of the engine control module. It will help in solving some of these particular concerns.  

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