2014 Ford Explorer Problems That Are Too Common

The 2014 Ford Explorer is a big crossover SUV used as a sport utility vehicle and a family station wagon. Ford Motor Company modified this generation with roomy interior space, luxurious features, and the necessary safety features technologies. The 2014 Ford Explorer model is available in both front-wheel and four-wheel configurations and comes with an added 3rd-row seating to accommodate 7-passengers.

The 2014 Ford Explorer base trim of a standard car is highly modified with 17-inches wheels, an improved air conditioner, a quality navigation system, and My-Ford driver technology. Vehicles manufactured by Ford to purposely serve as explorer sports cars come with unique features such as sport suspension, heated front seats, 20-inch aluminum wheels, front windshield, and intelligent car access.

The 2014 Ford Explorer has a 290-hp V6 standard engine, with the explorer sport model boasting twin-turbo v6. The Two engines are featured to six-speed auto-transmissions with manual code. It’s a desirable Explorer model from the previous generation due to standardized fuel systems and well-covered car seats.

The 2014 Ford Explorer model is revised with a range of safety features. Explorer vehicle safety includes a curve control function, traction control, antilock disk brakes to alert brake wear, tire pressure monitor, and sensors to deliver a check engine light when there is a faulty system. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has monitored and done regular clutch tests, rating the Ford Explorer as a reliable vehicle with four stars in a range of five.

Some drawbacks tend to appear on the 2014 Ford Explorer model, depending on your priorities. Second and 3rd-row seats are not well equipped and roomy compared to other crossovers. However, it exhibits some other more problems.

The Most Common 2014 Ford Explorer Problems

The following are the most reported issues of the 2014 Ford Explorer highlighted on NHTSA complaints from people owning this car model. It’s a car research guide to the Ford dealership and a manual for ford customers planning to buy a car.

·    Ford Explorer Interior Accessories Problems

The instrument cluster goes blank intermittently. Both of the LCD screens become faulty leading to the loss of the car information and feature access. Ford dealership hasn’t scheduled a recall to solve this problem.

2014 Ford Explorer Model door ajar keep blinking. This is a common issue that keeps sending warning lights no matter how soft or hard you shut the door. It’s an issue associated with the navigation system malfunctioning mainly to the Ford Explorer sports vehicles.

2014 Ford Explorer problems

Some other NHTSA complaints come along with the 2014 Ford Explorer. These problems include stitching of the interior coming apart, rattles, the panel below the rear door coming loose, and faulty door lock. The faulty accessories require rebuilding or replacing as you await Ford recalling.

·   2014 Ford Explorer Exhaust System Problems

The Ford Explorer model has a problem accumulated exhaust fumes in the cab. Anytime the Explorer sport car carries a medium or heavy load, an exhaust smell hits you. This problem is associated with the fuel system and coolant leakage though the Ford dealership has not noted any solution. Leakage in the emission control system is another exhaust system failure.

·       2014 Ford Explorer Windows/ Windshield Problems

The gasket around the front windshield will start to flip. The front windshield trim sometimes will rip and become detached. The local Ford dealership identifies this as a minor problem that grants Explorer model users with window replacement. The repair cost is moderately low even to other common rear window problems like sunroof rattle and failure, and tiny shiny specs throughout the window.

·       Squealing Brakes

When front brakes wear off, they start to squeal and ring mostly under long gas mileages. The problem remains unsolved even after several complaints. Ford dealers recommend replacing or rebuilding rear brake pads, rotor and calipers.

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·       Transmission Failure

The vehicle jumping gears notice transmission failure in the 2014 Explorer without issuing a warning. Slipping gears in and out while driving, hissing noise, and power transmission system failure are all signs your transmission system has failed or is currently failing. The repair cost of these systems tends to be high, and NHTSA has conducted campaigns to recall this issue.

·     Ford Explorer Check Engine Light Flashing

The warning light appears and turns green, and after some time, there is a lack of power. This failure is an indicator that the fuel injector has failed. To fix, upgrade your fuel injector. When the fuel system has been unable, the will be engine coolant leakage. The oxygen sensors sometimes go faulty, and the engine check lights grow high as a call for engine check-up. Rebuild or replace the whole fuel system and service your oxygen sensors.


The 2014 Ford Explorer is a vehicle manufactured by Ford Motor Company. Ford offers comfortable, safe, and affordable cars and ford customers intending to change cars are recommended to buy this car. It has several system problems, and to improve the maintenance of this vehicle, consider using the 2014 Ford Explorer Engine Control Module (ECM) that regularly checks your system’s performance. The improvement of the navigation system shifts in various blind spots, even in the most complex direction.


Is the 2014 Ford Explorer a good car?

The 2014 Ford Explorer Model has a smooth and quiet ride and can serve as a family and sporting utility. It’s a decent vehicle with a great cabin and upgraded standard features.

Are there any recalls on the 2014 Ford Explorer?

2014 Ford explorer has issued three safety recalls through NHTSA. Ford Motor Company is recalling fractured rear toe and wheel bearing assemblies.

What problems does Ford Explorer have?

The Ford Explorer is redesigned, but still, there are some evident car complaints. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has documented transmission failures, engine problems, interior accessories problems, and brake problems to be the standard and worst problems of this model.

What is wrong with the 2020 Ford Explorer?

The extensive quality control problems are hampering deliveries of the redesigned crossover 2020 Ford explorer model. It fails some standard control check such as mismatched trim pieces and missing wheel badges. The center touch screen looks out of place, and this car lacks USB ports.

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