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All Toyota PCM (Powertrain Control Module) Toyota ECM (Engine Control Module) & Toyota ECU (Electronic Control Unit) from Flagship One, Inc. are precisely programmed and flashed to meet your vehicle's specific requirements.

Our Toyota PCM, Toyota ECM and Toyota ECU units that are labeled plug & play will not require any additional programming. All of our control units are OEM, meaning you will get your vehicles original module. Feel free to chat with one of our agents regarding any ECU testing or ECU repair.

    Here is a list of all of the Toyota PCM, Toyota ECM and Toyota Control Modules that we have in stock and are ready to ship:
  • Toyota 4Runner PCM | Toyota 4Runner ECM | Toyota 4Runner ECU
  • Toyota Avalon PCM | Toyota Avalon ECM | Toyota Avalon ECU
  • Toyota Camry PCM | Toyota Camry ECM | Toyota Camry ECU
  • Toyota Celica PCM | Toyota Celica ECM | Toyota Celica ECU
  • Toyota Corolla PCM | Toyota Corolla ECM | Toyota Corolla ECU
  • Toyota Cressida PCM | Toyota Cressida ECM | Toyota Cressida ECU
  • Toyota Echo PCM | Toyota Echo ECM | Toyota Echo ECU
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser PCM | Toyota FJ Cruiser ECM | Toyota FJ Cruiser ECU
  • Toyota Highlander PCM | Toyota Highlander ECM | Toyota Highlander ECU
  • Toyota Land Cruiser PCM | Toyota Land Cruiser ECM | Toyota Land Cruiser ECU
  • Toyota Matrix PCM | Toyota Matrix ECM | Toyota Matrix ECU
  • Toyota MR2 PCM | Toyota MR2 ECM | Toyota MR2 ECU
  • Toyota MR2 Spyder PCM | Toyota MR2 Spyder ECM | Toyota MR2 Spyder ECU
  • Toyota Paseo PCM | Toyota Paseo ECM | Toyota Paseo ECU
  • Toyota Previa PCM | Toyota Previa ECM | Toyota Previa ECU
  • Toyota RAV4 PCM | Toyota RAV4 ECM | Toyota RAV4 ECU
  • Toyota Sequoia PCM | Toyota Sequoia ECM | Toyota Sequoia ECU
  • Toyota Sienna PCM | Toyota Sienna ECM | Toyota Sienna ECU
  • Toyota Solara PCM | Toyota Solara ECM | Toyota Solara ECU
  • Toyota Supra PCM | Toyota Supra ECM | Toyota Supra ECU
  • Toyota T100 PCM | Toyota T100 ECM | Toyota T100 ECU
  • Toyota Tacoma PCM | Toyota Tacoma ECM | Toyota Tacoma ECU
  • Toyota Tercel PCM | Toyota Tercel ECM | Toyota Tercel ECU
  • Toyota Truck PCM | Toyota Truck ECM | Toyota Truck ECU
  • Toyota Tundra PCM | Toyota Tundra ECM | Toyota Tundra ECU
  • Toyota Van PCM | Toyota Van ECM | Toyota Van ECU
  • Toyota Venza PCM | Toyota Venza ECM | Toyota Venza ECU
  • Toyota Yaris PCM | Toyota Yaris ECM | Toyota Yaris ECU