2010 Ford Explorer Problems

If you are looking for a traditional midsize SUV that is good in towing and off-roading capabilities, the 2010 Ford Explorer is the best option for you. Since most people are now looking for a family car that has plenty of space for passengers, this model capably meets their needs.

The 2010 Explorer model might not be the world’s top sport utility vehicle. However, it is among one of the most popular ones out there. Since 1991, over 5 million models have been sold. However, in recent years, higher gas prices have reduced the demand for this model in favor of car-like crossovers. Due to its roomy interior and quiet, comfortable ride quality, the 2010 Ford Explorer has a lot to offer to its buyers.

To start with, this model comes with a tough body-on-frame construction. This makes it ideal for towing or off-road driving. Since it comes with a 4-wheel drive system with a low-range torque, the Explorer can be very effective when it comes to hauling too. Also, it can cover terrain that other all-wheel-drive crossovers cannot.

The 2010 Ford Explorer is available in 3 trims:

  • XLT
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Limited standard (which can accommodate 5 to 7 passengers)

The XLT is the base level for this model. It is reasonably well-equipped with incredible features such as power windows, air conditioning, power door locks, cruise control, CD/MP3 stereo system, 16-inch alloy wheels, and an auxiliary audio jack.

The Explorer Eddie Bauer comes with leather upholstery, power driver seat, heated front seats, auto-dimming rearview mirror, manual system, third-row seating and 17-inch alloy wheels. On the other hand, the Explorer Limited, comes with perforated leather upholstery, dual-zone automatic climate control, driver memory seating, rear air conditioning, rear parking sensors, 18-inch alloy wheels, and steering-wheel-mounted audio controls.

The Ford Explorer is powered by a 4.0-liter V6 engine that can yield 210 horsepower and 254 pounds of torque. There is also an optional V8 for the Eddie Bauer and Limited models. This engine can pump out 292 horsepower and 300lb-ft of torque.

Apart from this, all the explorer models come with an Antilock Braking System (ABS), front-seat side airbags and stability control. It is accurate to say that this is one of the best handling truck-based SUVs available. However, did you know that this model has its own problems?

2010 Ford Explorer Problems

2010 Ford Explorer Problems

The 2010 Ford Explorer has numerous problems that you should know. From transmission issues to the exterior body problems, there are several pitfalls with this model.

·       Transmission Issues

The 2010 Ford Explorer is reported to have transmission lunging and jolting. Sometimes, the transmission cam can slam into gear, thereby causing a shake and unstable shift. As a result of this, your car can jerk or even accelerate too quickly.

Users of this model have complained about their cars jumping gears from time to time. All this usually happens without warning. Therefore, you might not even go into any gear the way you please. All these are signs that this model often faces transmission problems from time to time.

·       Heating Problems

If the temperatures get low when you are driving the 2010 Ford Explorer, you might think of warming the car’s interior to become more comfortable when driving. Ideally, you should be able to regulate the temperatures using the knobs on the dashboard. However, did you know that this model can get too hot for your liking?

Sometimes, the heater gets stuck on the hottest setting. All this happens due to the broken heater blend door. If the heater blend door or actuator has issues, you might not manage to control the temperatures as you please. Sometimes, you might hear a clicking sound from the actuator motor. If this happens, you need to replace the heater box. Such repairs might cost between $564 -$927, including both the labor and the parts.

·       Rough Idle and Stalling

This is a common problem with the 2010 Ford Explorer. Apart from this problem, this model experiences misfiring and losing power. Sometimes, the intake manifold O-ring gaskets can start leaking unbeknownst to the car owner and thereby create a vacuum leak. Ideally, the O-ring gaskets are supposed to seal off two or more parts, thus creating a vacuum-proofed seal.

If there is a vacuum leak, air can get into the engine and fuel system, making the system unable to compensate for the high amount of air getting into the engine. If this happens, you need to replace the manifold gasket, which can cost around $709-$949.

·       Worn Timing Chain Cassettes

There are instances when you might hear a rattling noise from your engine. This is a sign that the timing chain cassette is possibly damaged or worn out. The good news is that this problem can be averted by installing an updated timing cassette and tensioner.

·       Cracking of the Plastic Intake Manifold

Sometimes, the plastic intake manifold can crack and cause your 2010 Ford Explorer’s coolant to start leaking. If this happens, you will see the Check Engine light on your dashboard. Also, you will see the Low Engine Coolant warning light.

The coolant of your car leaking can be due to a factory defect. As a result of leaks, the engine can start overheating even when the vehicle is idling. Since you cannot repair a torn plastic intake manifold, you have to replace it with a new one to fix these coolant issues.


The 2010 Ford Explorer is an excellent vehicle if you reside in an area where you have to drive off-road for long. It comes with a powerful engine and can carry up to 7 passengers. However, it has several problems, as mentioned above. As you plan to buy this model, you should be aware of these issues so that you can make an informed decision. To prevent some of these problems, ensure your 2010 ford explorer Engine Control Module (ECM) is functioning properly.


Are 2010 Ford Explorers reliable?

Experts say that this model is an excellent SUV for towing, hauling and off-roading. However, the model can have some problems when it comes to fuel consumption. The fuel economy of this model is horrendous. When it comes to safety issues, it is below average for its class. Compared to more refined crossovers, the model has a fairly basic interior. 2010 Ford Explorer Problems

In what year(s) did Ford Explorers have transmission problems?

Car owners who bought the 2006 model complained about transmission problems more than other users. This is due to the high repair costs and/or problems that appeared at lower mileage. However, the 2002 model had the most complaints overall.

Is the Ford Explorer a reliable car?

The reliability rating of this model is 3.5 out of 5.0. This makes it rank 19th out of 26 for midsize SUVs.

Does the Ford Explorer have transmission problems?  

Yes. In addition to other problems, transmission problems are commonly reported and were more prevalent in all of the years, starting from 2002. As a result, this model’s owners have had to incur high costs when dealing with transmission problems as some parts cannot be repaired and require to be replaced.

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