2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problems

Over the past two decades, the Jeep brand has been recognized for reliable sports utility vehicles. It is no wonder most consumers have a hard time deciding which trim or model to purchase. The 2000 Grand Cherokee is no exception. The electric Jeep Grand comes numerous advantages such as an electrical system ignition, so you will not have to use an ignition key. The top-rated Jeep Grand Cherokee limited, however, still has pressing issues.
Grand Cherokee limited owners have reported grievances concerning the Jeep electrical car. Most common reports are engine starting problems, stalling and intermittent electrical problems. Owners have also reported malfunctioning interior lights and a quickly draining battery. Here is more concerning the Jeep Grand Cherokee electrical problems:

The relays turn on and off involuntarily

The Grand Cherokee electrical system has a reliable ignition switch compared to the likes of Grand Cherokee Laredo and Jeep liberty. However, several complaints from owners of the Grand Cherokee state continue otherwise. The vehicle’s relay, according to some Jeep Cherokee owners, clicks on and off out of nowhere. This electrical issue mostly arises from a short or bad ground. Although this is the chief cause of this problem, a broken wiring harness can also lead to such a situation.
Most owners suggest that this co-occurs together with other intermittent electrical issues. For instance, the idle starts to fluctuate whenever this happens. Nonetheless, electrical components like the stereo work properly during such cases. It is recommendable to visit a reputable garage whenever your vehicle displays similar symptoms.

Erratic Gauges issues

In many electric vehicles, including the 2000 Grand Cherokee, the PCM (Powertrain control module) computer is responsible for controlling all car functions. When its features are faulty, most components, including the gauges haywire and might stop working. Even when this occurs, though, the vehicle does not quit running.
However, it is crucial to address the matter promptly before it gets out of hand. Vehicle owners having this defect reported that this only happens on irregular occasions. According to one owner, this issue was prevalent whenever the car’s heater or headlights were turned on. On turning them off, the gauges returned to work as correctly as before. This can be dangerous as perceiving emergencies like low oil pressure or overheating is significantly inhibited.

Rough Idling / Rough Start

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problems

Whenever there is an issue with the engine, the check engine light always turns on. Another common symptom of a defective engine includes rough idling whenever your car is parked or at a red stoplight. A burnt-out valve or damaged spark plug is among the most widespread causes resulting in this issue. This issue might also stem from is a dysfunctional MAF sensor.
This is a result of a disconnected or poorly connected harness wire, which is located in the trunk. You can have the spark plug and MAF sensors checked by a professional, who, after determining their state can either repair, replace, or reset the air control valve. Fewer owners have reported vigorous shaking while their car is idle. Nonetheless, the problem remains significant and should be repaired.

Faulty electrical system ignition switch and headlights

A faulty electrical system ignition switch is not a common problem in many electrical system wiring in the Jeep. In a Jeep electrical system, this might also affect the instrument cluster. Commonly, the warning lights might flash if this problem is detected in the car. Nonetheless, it is quite straightforward to fix, but several owners have failed to do so even after they checked all the fuses for a potential fuse block.

Although this is greatly appreciated, it is best to task the job to a professional with vast knowledge regarding Jeep vehicles. Some owners have reported that the headlight in the driver door fails to work as expected. What’s more, the side turn signal on the driver’s side and the heated seats were unable to function. Several owners reported that apart from the headlights, the heater also malfunctions at times.

Abnormal RPM fluctuations

Although this is an inconsistent issue, owners with such complaints are relatively numerous. Unusual RPM fluctuations can mislead the driver, which is perilous at moments. The overhead console houses the body control module and can help locate where this RPM problem lies. If the body control is not screwed correctly in its place, then this problem will most likely occur. During repair, you need to be careful as the ground point for the BCU is located too close to the airbag control. You need to cut the negative lead from the battery terminal to prevent inadvertent deployment of the airbag system when working in this ground point.
If you are having similar problems or issues with the electrical system wiring, position sensor, electrical system ignition, steering wheel or steering column due to electrical malfunctions, then check the harness wire. This can help reveal the root of some of these issues.

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There are several other electrical problems reported by 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee owners, but they do less to ruin the car’s reputation. Some of them include faulty anti-theft system, unresponsive remote control, the vehicle shuts down, battery issues and difficulty starting among various others. These electrical issues aside, the Jeep Grand is one of the powerful, dependable SUVs in the market. This is evident in the superior features it offers such as luxurious interior, excellent performance on different terrains as well as numerous trims. When the car experiences the above issues, it is recommendable to take it to a trusted mechanic for repair or risk damaging the affected components further.

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