2006 Ford Five Hundred Problems To Keep In Mind

The 2006 Ford Five Hundred’s glory days might be over, but its incredible trunk space, fuel efficiency, spaciousness, and excellent handling make the sedan a Buick Lucerne alternative. You can grab the Ford Five Hundred from your local dealership at an absolute bargain. Have a full diagnostic of the Ford Five Hundred before purchasing it; this will help you plan for repairs or the purchase of replacement parts.

Common Problems on the 2006 Ford Five Hundred

AC/Heater problems

The 2006 Ford Five Hundred has air conditioner and heating problems. Symptoms of AC problems on the Ford Five Hundred include a clicking sound when the AC is running. There are also instances when the AC stops functioning unless the car is in motion. Some Ford Five Hundred owners claim that they have to set the heater to 90 degrees for it to work.

A bad air compressor might be the cause of your AC/heating problems. You should consider performing a diagnosis of the Engine Control Module (ECM) if you are having AC problems. Bad ECMs lead to the malfunction of components such as the AC.

Engine problems

Used cars develop engine problems, and the Ford Five Hundred is no different. Engine Problems affecting the Ford Five Hundred include failure of the throttle body and the loss of engine power. The Ford Five Hundred SEL sometimes experiences unintended acceleration and total engine failures.


You can fix the throttle body failure on the Five Hundred when you replace the throttle body, but you should do this after diagnosing the ECM. A failing ECM might lead to the loss of engine power or total engine failure. Note that fixing engine problems during their onset will increase the Ford Five Hundred’s engine lifespan.

Transmission problems

The 2006 Ford Five Hundred is affordable when you compare it to other vehicles in its class. However, frequent breakdowns of the Ford Five Hundred’s transmission system can make owing the car expensive in the long run. Symptoms of transmission problems  includes but not limited to transmission slipping that results in erratic engine performance.

Modern cars have the Powertrain Control Module (PCM), and it monitors/controls engine performance. A failing PCM will lead to the malfunction of the Transmission Control Module (TCM) or other transmission problems since the PCM regulates TCM functions. The TCM controls Ford Five Hundred’s transmission functions, and this explains why a failing onboard computer module results in the sedan’s transmission failure. Road conditions was said to be a non direct cause

Electrical problems

Electrical problems affecting the vehicle include instrument cluster failure and a continuous clicking during ignition. An illuminated check engine light that stays on is a common electrical problem in the Ford Five Hundred, and it is a pointer to a possible ECM problem.

You can fix several Ford Five Hundred electrical problems by replacing relay cables, onboard wiring, and the alternator. A failing 2006 Five Hundred ECM cannot make an accurate diagnosis of your vehicle’s current condition. Testing your ECM before you start to fix the Ford Five Hundred’s electrical problems should be a priority since the ECM will let you know if you have failing components.

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Interior accessory problems

The interior accessories of the 2006 Ford Five Hundred occasionally malfunction, and this could be as a result of a failing ECM. The components or accessories onboard the Ford Five Hundred need sufficient power to function. A bad ECM can lead to the failure of the Ford Five Hundred’s charging system, and this might lead to a malfunction of its interior accessories.

You can come across a speedometer malfunction or even have issues with Ford’s instrument panel once the ECM starts failing. All onboard systems are vital whether they increase comfort, enhance vehicle safety or boost performance. We recommend scheduling a visit to the repair center immediately you notice signs of interior accessory failures.  Rear wheels slipping is an also know issue of the vehicle

Other Problems (Body and Paint Problems)

No one likes the sight of peeling paint, but this is something 2006 Ford Five Hundred owners have to deal with regularly. You will need to perform a paint job on the 2006 Ford Five Hundred to prevent rusting and improve the car’s lifespan. The body and paint problems that affect the Ford Five Hundred are minimal, and you should address them to avoid the damage of inbuilt components.

Buying a used 2006 Ford Five Hundred might be economical if you purchase a unit that has minor issues. The electrical, transmission, engine, heating/AC, and interior accessory problems that affect the Ford Five Hundred can be the results of a failing Engine Control Module.

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Finding genuine ECM replacements for your 2006 Ford Five Hundred at your local part store can be challenging and costly given its model year. FLAGSHIP ONE, INC makes finding replacement computer modules for different types of cars, including the 2006 Ford Five Hundred easy and hassle-free. Feel free to contact their support team if you have ECM inquiries.


The 2006 Ford Five hundred is an affordable vehicle that boasts of superior comfort, performance, and it also scores big on overall reliability. Most of the problems that you might encounter on the Ford   could be the results of years of continuous use, and they can be fixed. You can get more miles out of it by taking if for regular servicing and maintenance. Few full-size sedans can rival the Ford Five Hundred’s gas mileage and reliability, and this makes it worth the bargain.

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