1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L – PCM ECM ECU Control Module (Engine Computer) Replacement

The Powertrain Control Module, or PCM, is a pre-programmed digital computer that operates the engine control system of a vehicle. People refer to it as JTEC sometimes. As the input data changes, the PCM adjusts its response to the various output devices it operates.  If the PCM, the “brains”, fails to work correctly, the rest of the engine will have issues as well. Luckily, if proper diagnosis points toward replacement of the PCM as the solution, the PCM can be easily replaced to fix the issue. We’ll show you how to replace a PCM ECM ECU Module on a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Begin replacing the PCM of your 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee by locating the module. A TCM, Transmission Control Module, might be equipped in that area and will need to be removed to replace the PCM. The coolant reserve/overflow tank will be in the way but the location of the PCM is on the cowl panel in the right/rear side of the engine compartment.

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1- Disconnect negative battery cable from the battery.

2- If equipped, remove the Transmission Control Module (TCM).

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Replacement 2

3- Remove the coolant reserve/overflow tank.

4- Remove cover over the electrical connectors. Cover snaps onto the PCM.

5- Carefully unplug the three 32–way connectors from the PCM.

6- Remove the three PCM bracket-to-body mounting nuts.

7- Remove the PCM/PCM bracket assembly itself from the vehicle.

8- Remove the 3 PCM-to-PCM bracket bolts (screws).

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Replacement 3


1- Check for damaged pins in the three 32–way electrical connectors. If pins not damaged, continue.

2- Install PCM to its mounting bracket. Tighten the three mounting bolts to 3 N·m (25 in. lbs.) torque.

3- Install PCM/PCM bracket to the body. Install the 3 nuts and tighten to 9 N·m (80 in. lbs.) torque.

4- Install the three 32–way connectors.

5- Install cover over the electrical connectors. Cover snaps onto the PCM.

6- Install the coolant reserve/overflow tank.

7- Reinstall the Transmission Control Module (TCM), if needed.

8- Reconnect the negative battery cable back to the battery.

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Replacement 4

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1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L

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