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All the Pseudo-Legalese That’s Fit to Print!

Though we’re gearheads and love shoptalk about all the intricacies of ECU’s of all types, we love legalese as much as the next person — which is to say, we have this stuff here because we have to (it’s Google policy, and most everyone needs to make nice with Google!). So pour yourself some cereal and enjoy the new reading material! ?


VR00m is the company blog of Flagship One, Incorporated but not a retail operation in itself, so at no time is any personal information collected and there is no risk whatsoever to the privacy of our visitors.


Visitor privacy and security is of the utmost importance: at no time on this blog is any personally identifiable information gathered; only anonymous browsing data, under certain conditions, for advertising and affiliate tracking purposes as sanctified by the guidelines of Google’s cookies statement. It’s that simple!


Content, such as but not necessarily limited to product reviews, may bear affiliate links which credit us for making the introduction in case of a sale.


VR00m is a blog and its content is provided solely for entertainment purposes and should be considered nothing more than opinions. Such content may include outbound links to other websites which do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Flagship One or its associates, neither of whom assumes any liability whatsoever arising from the consumption of such material: Always consult an experienced and properly licensed professional for advice of any importance!


Every effort has been made to present VR00m policies as comprehensively as possible on this webpage and keep it up to date. However, all descriptions given here should be considered guidelines with respect to VR00m’s obligations and not necessarily binding on VR00m, with exact details contingent on the various conditions of specific situations as determined by VR00m. In all instances allowed under law, we will be the sole arbiter whenever there is a discrepancy in the terms and conditions of use governing visitor experience. Not responsible for typos. Policies may change without notice. Always contact us for the absolute latest information!