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Our Ignition Control Modules (ICM) are pivotal in the smooth and efficient operation of your vehicle's engine. They manage the ignition system, determining the best moment to ignite the fuel-air mixture in the engine's combustion chambers. This precise timing enhances your vehicle's overall performance and fuel efficiency. Each ICM is specifically programmed for different car models, guaranteeing superior functionality and compatibility. If your ICM starts malfunctioning, or if you're contemplating an upgrade, FLAGSHIP ONE, INC. extends exceptional reprogramming and repair services. Remember, we may not engineer the parts ourselves, but our deep-rooted expertise in the industry promises professional and dependable services. Enhance your drive; choose our Ignition Control Modules.

The Ignition Control Module (ICM) is a small computer that enables a car to start up. It can often be found in the distributor housing, near the ignition coil. It's main function is to control the vehicles ignition coil,ignition timing and take the spark created by the battery to communicate with the rest of the ignition system. This will begin the process of starting a vehicle. If your engine is suddenly stalling, or your gas mileage is plummeting, it may be time for a new Ignition Control Module and engine control module

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All of our Ignition Control Modules come with a lifetime warranty. Flagship One also provides ICM repair and ICM replacement services. We are currently in the process of listing all the ICMs we have in-stock available for purchase. We plan to have them all on our website as soon as possible, in the meantime please give our office a call or simply fill out the request form below.