Suspension Control Module

Our Suspension Control Modules (SCM) play a key role in providing a smooth and comfortable ride by managing your vehicle's suspension system. These modules control the adjustment of the car's suspension based on various factors such as speed, road conditions, and driver inputs, ensuring optimal comfort and stability. Each SCM is programmatically tailored to different car models, offering superior functionality and compatibility. If your SCM is malfunctioning or if you're considering an upgrade, FLAGSHIP ONE, INC. offers top-of-the-line reprogramming and repair services. Although we do not engineer the parts ourselves, our vast experience in the industry guarantees professional and reliable results. Ensure your ride's comfort and stability; choose our Suspension Control Modules.

The Suspension Control Module enables a vehicle to handle different terrain and road conditions. It's main function is to control the air suspension of the vehicle while managing passenger comfort and vehicle dynamics.

Here are some sample images representative of our extensive Suspension Control Module catalog:

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All of our Suspension Control Modules come with a lifetime warranty. Flagship One also provides SCM repair and SCM replacement services. We are currently in the process of listing all the SCMs we have in-stock available for purchase. We plan to have them all on our website as soon as possible, in the meantime please give our office a call or simply fill out the request form below.