Flagship One Reviews

Flagship One Reviews

Over 13 years of diligent service, more than half a million happy customers, millions of vehicles put back on the road all around the globe truly illustrates why Flagship One is the one, and only reliable source of engine computers and PCM ECM ECU electronic control modules. Thousands of customers trusted us, now its your turn – You deserve the industries best service. Don’t just trust our word for it, read hundreds of customer testimonials written by people, just like you. All our reviews are 100% authentic and unbiased, and are based on genuine customer experience. To be completely transparent with our clients, we linked those testimonials to their original source website, so you could check them out, and shop with complete confidence.When it comes to engine computers, most of our customers are lost and hugely confused as to what can be done to maintain their vehicle’s performance. As the maintenance and check-up costs from your mechanics are on the rise, Flagship One is the place where you will find pocket-friendly, efficient solutions to your automobile troubles. Whether you are facing bad fuel economy, bad car brake system, car ignition failure or unexplainable jerks, the variety of 100k+ in-stock engine computers can be the answer to all your problems. Flagship One has been delivering top-notch car engine computers for years and have served over 500K customers all over the world. Make a smart choice and get your vehicle the care it needs.

Years of Excellence

  • Operating for over 10 years, Flagship One is still thriving and increasing the pace and scope of its operations. Each passing day, we serve thousands of customers all over the world, gaining experience and eventually improving our services offered to you. You should buy from this company if you're looking for perfection.
  • By ensuring smooth and quick shipping all over the world, a qualified team of technicians, mechanics and engineers, we are a preferred source for the best automobile engine computers and other various auto modules.
  • By recruiting licensed engineers and technicians, we put all our units under thorough testing before they can be sold to you. In addition, our technicians and engineers are thoroughly trained to make required repairs, replacements and even work on refurbished units to deliver a better user experience to you.
  • Our team of experts are also responsible for programming and handling the complicated coding of these modules and engine computers to make them suitable for your vehicle specifically, so you don’t need to go through the trouble of having the unit programmed yourself.
  • Flagship One specializes in programming, updating and flashing the units for your needs. Working every day to provide a safe and convenient experience to our customers, we also offer a smooth online shopping experience with free domestic shipping services.

Products and Services

  • At Flagship One, you will find a wide array of products manufactured by and for various, market-famous automobile brands including Dodge, Ford, Eagle and Toyota. We have the following modules included in our stock:
  • Find the best engine computer for your jeep or truck to guarantee better fuel economy, improved airflow for your car and consequently better coordination between car parts.
  • Transmission Control Module
  • Whether automatic or manual, make your vehicle’s transmission smoother without over spending by purchasing a transmission module from Flagship One.
  • Emission controls
  • Considering the recent increase in environmental consciousness, make your vehicle an eco-friendlier automobile with the best quality emission control system installed.

Why Choose Flagship One

  • Free Shipping
  • Our online shopping experience is designed to be super user-friendly, so you can get your hands on the best prices and the best quality units in the market. Don’t spend an extra dollar on any other part of your automobile by availing our free shipping services all over the US.
  • Generous Lifetime Warranty
  • All our in-stock units that are tested and approved by certified technicians are backed by a generous warranty that lasts for a lifetime. The lifetime warranty is provided free of cost with each bought PCM unit you purchase. We also offer store credit and programmed keys.
  • Lowest Prices
  • In the industry, Flagship One has worked over 10 years, not only gaining experience and excellence but also offering the best value to its customers. All our units are pocket-friendly and are rightfully priced. With over 100k units in stock, we ensure that your money is not wasted.
  • Wide Range of Brands
  • Whether PCM, ECU, transmission or injection modules, we have units in stock that are compatible with various makes and brands of vehicles. Our user-friendly website lets you search for the most suitable and appropriate module, by providing you with an efficient search system that uses information such as model, make and year to find the most suitable unit for you.

Get In Touch

We make sure our customers are not left alone to struggle with any issues that may arise. We have built a large team of customer support agents to provide answers to your questions. After a quick and easy purchase of a unit, contacting FS1 customer support is easy:

  • Live Online Chat Reps
  • Email and Direct Contact Form Inquiries
  • Support Reps are available Monday to Saturday