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Wiper Control Module

This web page is dedicated to the Wiper Control Modules that we have in our catalog here at Flagship One. We sell Wiper Control Modules for such car Brands as Ford, Dodge, GM, Jeep, Chrysler, Mazda, Cadillac, Lincoln, and much more.

Windshield Wiper Control Module

The Wiper Control Module (also referred to as the Wiper Governor Module) works to control the wiper motor and arms to allow visibility and clear your windshield. It is typically located under the dashboard and above the gas pedal. Common symptoms of a faulty WCM include erratic operation of the wiper blades or the blades not moving, even when the motor can be heard.

Flagship One offers Wiper Control Modules refurbished to the manufacturer’s highest quality standards. Trust Flagship One to provide your new WCM so you can get your vehicle  back on the road.