Wiper Control Module

Our Wiper Control Modules (WCM) are essential for ensuring your vehicle's visibility in adverse weather conditions. They control the timing and speed of your windshield wipers, allowing you to adjust them according to the weather situation. Each WCM is specifically programmed for different car models, providing excellent functionality and compatibility. If your WCM is malfunctioning, or if you're considering an upgrade, FLAGSHIP ONE, INC. provides top-tier reprogramming and repair services. While we do not engineer the parts ourselves, our substantial experience in the industry ensures professional and trustworthy results. Improve your vehicle's visibility; choose our Wiper Control Modules.

The Wiper Control Module (also referred to as the Wiper Governor Module) works to control the wiper motor and arms to allow visibility and clear your windshield. It is typically located under the dashboard and above the gas pedal. Common symptoms of a faulty WCM include erratic operation of the wiper blades or the blades not moving, even when the motor can be heard.

All of our Wiper Control Modules come with a lifetime warranty. Flagship One also provides Wiper Module repair and replacement services. We are currently in the process of listing all the Wiper Modules we have in-stock available for purchase. We plan to have them all on our website as soon as possible, in the meantime please give our office a call or simply fill out the request form below