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All Jeep PCM (Powertrain Control Module) Jeep ECM (Engine Control Module) & Jeep ECU (Electronic Control Unit) from Flagship One, Inc. are precisely programmed and flashed to meet your vehicle's specific requirements

If your Jeep fails to start due to a faulty engine control module, Flagship One offers Jeep PCM repair at low prices. If you can't find your part number, there is no need to visit an auto repair shop, get in touch with one of our representatives on the phone or start a chat with us, we can help you find your Jeep PCM.

Be sure to read our remanufactured Jeep PCM repair reset guide, it will take approximately 30 minutes to complete especially if you are replacing a Jeep Grand Cherokee PCM.

    Here is a list of all of the Jeep PCM, Jeep ECM and Jeep Control Modules that we have in stock and are ready to ship:
  • Jeep Cherokee PCM | Jeep Cherokee ECM | Jeep Cherokee ECU
  • Jeep Commander Powertrain Control Module PCM | Jeep Commander ECM | Jeep Commander Electrical Control Unit ECU
  • Jeep Compass PCM | Jeep Compass ECM | Jeep Compass PCM ECM ECU
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee PCM | Jeep Grand Cherokee ECM | Jeep Grand Cherokee ECU
  • Jeep Grand Voyager PCM | Jeep Grand Voyager ECM | Jeep Grand Voyager PCM ECM ECU
  • Jeep Liberty PCM | Jeep Liberty ECM | Jeep Liberty ECU
  • Jeep Patriot Powertrain Control Module | Jeep Patriot ECM | Jeep Patriot ECU Repair
  • Jeep Wrangler PCM | Jeep Wrangler ECM | Jeep Wrangler ECU Repair