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The Engine Control Module (ECM) also known as the Powertrain Control Module (PCM), Engine Control Unit (ECU), or simply Auto Engine Computer (Automotive Engine Control Module) is the brain of the vehicle. Not having a good working ECM is a serious problem in keeping your vehicle running. Some of the signs that should alert you about having a non-working PCM are when your check engine light comes on, high idle speed your engine is misfiring, your engine is stalling, noticing a decrease in performance, and last but not least your car is not starting at all. The majority of our Engine Control Modules are Plug and Play (Plug 'N Drive) units that will not require any additional programming. Browse our range of ECU module units now!

Engine control units from Flagship One are specifically programmed to your vehicle's VIN. Your vehicle's car computer is one of many important modules that keeps your car running. The powertrain control module also known as the engine control module is responsible to process all of the incoming data from various different sensor but not limited to just that. I.E the ECM checks with the the body control module once the car starts to make sure that the VIN is the same on all the other modules and whether security should be activated or not. Ensuring that your auto ECM module is running up to its optimal performance is of paramount importance.

The electronic control module relies on these and vice-versa :

  • Air flow sensors : translate electric current to digitals readings that in turn tells the PCM amount of fuel fuel it should inject,making surer that the airfuel ratio is optimal. After all fuel efficiency is something all car owners talk about at some point. Last but not least, emission control goes hand in hand with the AFS.
  • Spark Plugs : the engine control unit (ECU) sends out a signal to the ignition control module which in turn tells the spark plugs to ignite, ignition timing is also a key factor in this process.
  • Cruise Control : This is more of a function that heavily relies on the PCM for signal, when you start cruisuing the PCM constantly check your speed and driving conditions of your vehicle.

We are also offering ECM repair services for certain make and models, be sure to check with our sale representative to inquire information on whether your ECM can be repaired by us or if a an ecm replacement is inevitable, even if the circuit board might look fried it is worth a check!