How to Buy the Right Replacement Module for Your Chrysler PCM

So, your car has run into some issues and diagnostics show that you need a Powertrain Control Module, PCM, replacement. You decide to take a look at your engine computer so you can see what needs to be ordered. Unfortunately, there seems to be several numbers on your computer. Which number do you use? Ordering the wrong part will lead to a waste of time and money.  We’ll show you the location of the correct part number for your Chrysler PCM. As you can see to the left, there are usually multiple numbers and tags on these 4 plug computers.

4 Plug Chrysler PCM

These Engine Computers will almost always have a Daimler Chrysler Part Number on a bigger sticker. It follows after P/N and in this case, the part number reads “05150301AE”. This is the Hardware Part Number that designates a set of these types of computers. This is NOT the number that you will need to search for. It could technically fit your vehicle, but it’s likely it will not help your vehicle get back up and running. The S/N (Serial Numbers) that are shown is also not useful as they’re only for the manufacturer’s own records.

Chrysler Part Number Location 2

The number you truly want is the Software Part Number which replaces the original Hardware Part Number after the update. This number is on a separate sticker from the Daimler Chrysler P/N. There should be a sticker with the words “Authorized Software Update” on it. This is the tag that you need. Again, you ignore the “Module S/N”, as well as the “SEQUENCE#”. You will usually find the Part Number following “Module P/N” underneath the “Authorized Software Update” line. The PN is even shown twice to make sure you got it correct.

Chrysler Part Number Location 3

On the upper right, as seen in the picture, you’ll see the Part Number again but in a bigger font. In this case, the part number for our PCM is “68054123AC”. Finding the location of the right part number for a 2 Plug Chrysler PCM, on the other hand, is simpler.

2 Plug Chrysler PCM

At first glance, you will most likely see a set of numbers etched into the case of the PCM, as seen below, and think that one of these numbers is what you need.

They’re all wrong! The number you want will be on the smallest side of the engine computer. There’ll be a few numbers there that are labeled. As usual, ignore the Module S/N. Above that will be the Chrysler P/N.  The number following this is what you will need to search for.

The number is repeated again to the right of the original, although it has different size fonts for the first and second half of the part number. In this case, our part number is “05293014AC”. Sometimes, these PCMs can have authorized software updates as well and will have stickers placed on top of their original Part Number sticker.

Just follow the same rules as before and you should have no problem finding the location of the right Part Number. Once you find this number, it’s time to search for your replacement PCM. If you need a replacement Chrysler PCM, take a look through our catalog.

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