What is an EGR Valve?

The Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR), is one of the most important components for all truck built in the past two decades. The EGR valve is responsible for the reduction of emission. Once the temperature of the combustion in the chamber hits around 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, it starts increasing the production of (NOx)Nitrogen Oxides. While the exhaust of a standard vehicle is mostly (CO2)Carbon Dioxide which by the way does not burn.

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The first introduction of EGR valve was in 1977, but it was mainly applied for the caterpillar’ 3208 v8 diesel engine just to comply with California’s strict 5 g/bhp-hr NOx+HC limit for heavy-duty diesel engines.  It wasn’t until October 2002, a number of heavy-duty companies started introducing their newer version of the EGR valve that would tremendously reduce the amount of emission from the Heavy-Duty trucks.

What are the symptoms of a faulty EGR valve?

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When an EGR valve starts to malfunction a number of events can occur. The valve might be stuck in the open or close position cause by carbon buildup. Once it starts failing, CO2 that should be re-circulating to the combustion chamber is now operating at the wrong time. Which directly affects the amount of CO2 that is being reintroduced. Below, is a list of certain symptoms that should keep you high alert in case you do have a failing EGR valve.

1- Engine Performance Issues

Right off the bat, some engine issues should be occurring. A noticeable decrease in fuel efficiency, huge reduction of power and acceleration especially when it begins to either run rough at stoplights.

2- Check Engine Light

If the check engine light turns on, the Engine Control Module( ECM ) detected an abnormality in the the circuit or valve positioning. Once the ECM is no longer detecting that the right amount of CO2 is being reintroduced to the chambers according to the state regulations the light will stay on.

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3- Rough Idle

A rough idle is when the car feels a little bouncy at a stop, the gauges might be displaying the wrong RPM and causing the vehicle to idle when it is not really necessary.

To sum it all up,

A failing EGR valve is not matter to ignore. Every state has a standard amount of emission that a car on the road should be producing per gallon, with a failing EGR valve you car will most likely not be able to pass the also mandatory state inspection.

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