How to Buy the Right Replacement Module for Your GM PCM

So, your car has run into some issues and diagnostics show that you need a Powertrain Control Module, PCM, replacement. You decide to take a look at your engine computer so you can see what needs to be ordered. Unfortunately, there seems to be several numbers on your computer. Which number do you use? Ordering the wrong part will lead to a waste of time and money.  We’ll show you the location of the correct part number for your GM PCM. As you can see to the left, there are usually multiple numbers on these GM computers.

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Hardware Number

GM PCMs will almost always have a segmented sticker like this with a bunch of numbers.  Luckily, they label the important numbers and we’ll start with the number on the bottom section of the sticker. This is the Hardware Part Number that designates a set of these types of computers. In this case it is “09357440”. It could technically fit your vehicle, and possibly get your car back up and running but it’s just a possibility. The numbers on the side and very bottom are also other random identifiers that will not help. Sometimes this bottom segment of the full sticker will not be there, since the hardware number isn’t actually what’s needed.

GM PN Identification 2

Service Number

The number you truly want is the Service Number. This number will be near the top. This is the tag that you need. Again, you ignore the numbers underneath. You will usually find the Part Number following “Serv.No.”. In this case, the part number for this GM PCM is “09361735”. The Service number is also what you will need for other GM PCMs like this black model here.

GM PN Identification 3

Once you find this number, it’s time to search for your replacement PCM. If you need a replacement GM PCM, take a look through our catalog.

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