Engine Control Module Symptoms You Should Never Ignore!

Engine Control Module Symptoms

The engine control module is responsible for managing so knowing all most of the engine control module Symptoms is important, plus monitoring, and communicating with all sensors and electronic modules in your vehicle to ensure that all components are running properly. If any changes need to be made within a certain module, then the ECM will communicate with that module so that the proper adjustments can occur so that the correct conditions are always maintained. Because the ECM is constantly monitoring the conditions of these components, if there are any faults then the ECM will send out a series of fault codes to alert the driver of a possible issue. These codes can then be analyzed and a diagnosis can be made.

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Five Signs that you Need to Change your ECM

Engine Control Module Symptoms You Should Never Ignore!

Check Engine Light

The most common indication of a faulty ECM is a check engine light that does not go off even after repairs are made. If you are getting a fault code for a particular module and you have replaced that module and checked all the relative wiring but the illuminated check engine light failed to turn off then that may indicate a faulty ECM. There are many reasons for the check engine light to be on, however, so it’s important to make a thorough diagnosis instead of relying solely on the check engine light itself.

Car Fails to Start and throwing error codes?

If your vehicle is not starting this could indicate a possible ECM failure. Because the ECM controls the fuel injection system, a fail to start problem could be caused by an ECM failure. If components like the battery and ignition have been tested and deemed functional then the next course of action would be to check the engine computer. You may experience an issue where your vehicle “cranks but won’t start” which is a common symptom of a failing ECM.

Bad engines performance, Fuel economy, or Fuel Efficiency

It is important to be aware of the performance of your vehicle, especially when experiencing significant changes in fuel economy and the way your vehicle is running. Intermittent jerking and transmission issues on automatic vehicles are common symptoms of a failing engine computer. If the transmission has been tested and you are still experiencing an intermittent jerking then you will want to check your ECM. 

ECU Computer Diagnostics

If your ecm is failing and you are experiencing any of these issues and suspect that the ECM is the cause then you will want to consult with the nearest repair shop to confirm that the (engine control module ECM ) is truly at fault. There are a number of steps that can be performed to test your engine computer in order to confirm your suspicions. A certified dealership will utilize the latest software to ensure an accurate diagnosis is being made. Once your vehicle has been diagnosed and it is concluded that the engine computer is at fault, then you can go about making arrangements for a replacement unit.

Once your vehicle has been diagnosed and it is concluded that the engine computer is at fault, then you can go about making arrangements for a replacement unit.

How Much Should you Pay for ECU Repairs?

Should your vehicle require a full replacement rather than just module reprogramming you may find repairs to be quite expensive. At a dealership you can find yourself paying between $1,000 to $3,000 for the part alone. Getting repairs done at a garage will always be less costly than a dealership, however, you should still expect to pay upwards of $1,000 for a replacement and labor depending on the type of vehicle you have. Garages will often offer the option to test your unit for you for a small fee.

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