The P0606 Trouble Code and How to Fix it.

Is there anything worse than waking up to a check engine light  in your vehicle?  Most of us have been there, most of the time a check engine light is the bearer of bad news and repair shops are not what really the best way to spend our hard earned cash because of a P0606 DTC

What exactly is the Trouble Code P0606?

Just like any other “P” fault codes  this code means that the powertrain control module is involved. This particular trouble code  stand for ” ECM Processor Fault” it is a non-specific trouble code that indicates that the ECM ” engine control module ”  is not performing as it should and it is not receiving the required data from the other control units.

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So what exactly is the powertrain control module, well the PCM for short is the brain your vehicle. It communicates with the other control unit in your car to and also act on the based on he data it received. Since this engine controller  is responsible to control the air to fuel ratio it has to create enough has to A great example for this would be the Ignition control unit and the auto computer has to constantly stay in sync while starting in order to not have any cylinders misfire.

P{icture of a dodge cummings engine control module related to p0606 trouble code

Symptoms of the P0606 Diagnostic Trouble Code
Since the P0606 PCM Processor fault  is a generic DTC, the symptoms can manifest in different ways but there are still some common ways that we can diagnose this before heading out to a repair shop. if you are experiencing any of these issues that you might be in need of a new engine control module or at least need a thorough diagnostic for your faulty PCM including the control circuit  and electrical system.

Check Engine Light
If you have cleared or dismiss the check engine light using an OBDII scanner and before you have gone through a whole drive cycle the light comes back your engine control module might be a culprit

Car fails to start
Your vehicle is constantly cranking and not starting,your battery is not charging despite knowing that your alternator works 

Bad Engine Performance
This goes without saying,if your car is not getting you to point B from point A the same way it has always has before you noticed something was wrong then your PCM needs to be checked. If your car is stalling or switching  you are definitely having bad engine performance.

Terrible Fuel Efficiency
If you are no longer able to drive past the average of miles you get per gallon then again you might be need to replace the ECM Having terrible fuel efficiency for some of us in this economy can be a deal breaker and with the rising cost of gas you cannot afford to miss out on savings!

How do I fix a P0606 Code

Unfortunately,Due to the number of uncertainty this P0606 code  presents repairing or replacing this unit can be costly when done by automotive technicians and to no result when done by purchasing calibrated auto computer . If you have gone through our Engine control module and error code checklist then replacing your auto computer should not be a hassle. At Flagship one Inc, We have a large inventory on pre-programmed engine control units that ready to ship and help you get back on the road in as little as 4 days.

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