How to Buy the Right Replacement Module for Your Mazda PCM

So, your car has run into some issues and diagnostics show that you need a Powertrain Control Module, PCM, replacement. You decide to take a look at your engine computer so you can see what needs to be ordered. Unfortunately, there seems to be several numbers on your auto computer. Which number do you use? Ordering the wrong part will lead to a waste of time and money.  We’ll show you the location of the correct part number for your Mazda PCM ECM ECU. As you can see to the left, there are usually multiple numbers on these Mazda engine computers.

Which Number?

Mazda PCMs tend to have a sticker in addition to the numbers printed onto the casing. On the sticker, there will be several numbers. For these modules, the 4 digit number will not be relevant. The number underneath it with “12A650” in it is more important.  This is a seperate number that designates a set of these types of computers. In this case, it’s “6M81-12A650-DH”.

This is NOT the number that you will need to search for. It could technically fit your vehicle, but it’s likely it will not help your vehicle get back up and running. The number you truly want is the Calibration Part Number. For this part, it is printed on to the casing.

The right part number for Mazda PCMs always has “18 881” or “18-881” in the number in some way. The first 4 digits of that number will also be near the top as a 4 digit code to make it easier to match PCMs. In this case, the 4 digit code for our Mazda PCM is “L3R3” and the Mazda PCM part number is “L3R3 18 881F”.

Alternate Sticker

Another type of Mazda PCM will have this number on stickers instead. It will still have a 4 digit code and the part number in the same formation as well. The part number is now “KL55 18 881C”, as seen above. Another confusing situation can be seen when the Mazda PCM interchanges with a Ford.

Ford Sticker

Some PCMs have this type of sticker that is normally associated with Ford PCMs. If there is no number with any form of “18881”, then it’ll be a standard Ford 12A650 number for the main Part Number. In this case, it has that “18881” so it is essentially a Mazda/Ford Part and the actual part number is “FS8D-18881-B”. Always remember to check for “18881”, “18 881”, or “18-881” in the number.

Once you find this number, it’s time to search for your replacement PCM. If you need a Mazda PCM, check out our catalog.

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