Can A Bad Car Battery Cause Engine Computer Problems?
Can a car battery affect my Engine Computer?
Faulty car battery can affect your engine computer

A faulty electrical system in a car can play some very tricky games, and your car’s battery is part of that system. If you have a bad car battery, it can make your car’s engine computer (ECU) act a little bit nutty. 

Your car’s computer needs a steady stream of voltage to work properly. In case your car battery can not generate the correct voltage then your car’s computer can act up in many different ways:

  • Check engine light will probably come on
  • You could experience poor engine performance
  • Funky transmission shifts (in AT)
  • Unexplained drop in fuel economy, and other computer related issues.
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If you have a bad car battery, that is a fairly easy fix, but you could have other problems that are limiting your car battery from creating the desired amount of voltage. So before you throw out your current car battery and get a new one, you or a professional should run a battery test on it before you discard something that is still good to use. 

What other battery-related things to check before replacing the Engine Computer

If you don’t have a bad car battery, here are some other problems that could be causing your computer to have issues: 

  • Bad alternator
  • Bad voltage regulator
  • Bad battery cables
  • Corroded terminal connections
battery-alternator, voltage regulator, battery cables and connectors

After you check all the above and it seemed to be just fine, it is reasonable to assume that you might actually have a bad engine computer. So before you go throwing out your bad battery for a new one just to find out that there are other problems you should have addressed FIRST, make sure it is truly your battery that just needs replacement.

If you need help with identifying your engine computer issues, our experts are happy to assist you at our website or by phone 516-766-2223.

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