How Much Does a Powertrain Control Module cost

Every car owner, at some point or another, has gone through the inconvenience of being without their vehicle for a period of time due to the need for maintenance or repairs. For most people, the longer their vehicle is in the shop, the more disruptive it becomes towards their daily lives and less likely to save money due to the cost of the auto repair. There is always a sense of urgency when taking your vehicle in for repair, so it’s no surprise that many car owners first thought is to have their repairs done at a dealership due to convenience, however, when it comes to issues with your engine management system, you may find yourself paying an exorbitant amount for these repairs. There are many reasons for the high cost of PCM ( PowerTrain Control Module ) replacement or it’s control system, partly due to the intricacies of the engine management system, and while these complex repairs may make it seem like the dealership is unavoidable, there are alternatives that most people are unaware of. While going to the dealership does have its benefits where convenience is concerned, these alternatives may be a better fit for those looking for a more cost effective way to repair their vehicle .

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Cost of the Engine Control Module

After a certain amount of years, ECU manufacturers tend to discontinue their older modules which causes mechanics to facilitate replacement units from used vehicles . Depending on the part, these replacement units may be extremely difficult to find and the part alone may cost you a few hundred dollars. Vehicles that use diesel fuel, like Ford F250’s and Dodge 2500’s, carry engine computers that are particularly hard to come by, resulting in even higher prices for the part itself. These rarer units can cost closer to $1,000, if not more.

In addition to volume of ECU production, the complexity of the software within the ECU is another reason why the part itself can be so expensive. The engine computer is responsible for managing the entire engine compartment and controls the performance and condition of the vehicle as a whole. In order to do this properly, the ECU must be programmed and updated with sophisticated software. In addition to this, the unit is built to withstand the elements and volatile environments . When a new unit is installed, the dealership must program and flash updates to the ECU by using expensive equipment.

Replace powertrain control module Part number (56026974)
Part number (56026974)

Cost to Install the Engine Control Unit

Although ECU installation itself is a relatively straight-forward process, you may find yourself paying a great deal for labor if additional diagnosis and testing is involved. It is extremely rare for an ECU to fail without some sort of outside cause or symptoms, whether it be wear and tear over time, faulty wiring, or too much voltage. If you have not identified this cause before replacing the ECU, then the dealership will have to diagnose your vehicle to ensure that the problem is rectified before the ECU gets damaged again. This can become even more complicated if the issue is not so obvious, which is a huge risk when it comes to Powertrain control module pcm diagnosis. It’s very common for problems to appear to be an ECU issue when, in fact, it is actually an issue elsewhere in the vehicle. This means that there is a great deal of testing involved after the ECU is installed to ensure that the repairs have completely fixed the issue. Testing usually involves a voltage drop test which can be time-consuming. It is not surprising for labor to cost an additional few hundred dollars depending how extensive the testing is. You may also find that other components need to be replaced as well, like spark plugs or coils and wiring.

The cost of the part in addition to labor costs can have car owners spending anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 in total for ECU repairs at a dealership. This may sound daunting and is no small expense, however, there are ways to minimize this expense so repair costs are not as intimidating.

Alternatives ways to replace your PCM other than the dealership

It’s no secret that dealerships tend to use their reputation to their advantage by charging more for repairs, but there are ways to repair your vehicle in a way that is just as easy as going to the dealership while costing a fraction of the price. Replacing your PCM ( PowerTrain Control Module ) has never been easier with online stores like Flagship One providing a service that allows car owners to purchase modules that are fully ready for installation and shipped right to your door. Not only can you purchase the onboard computer itself for significantly less than a dealership would sell it for, you can purchase parts that also come completely programmed to match your vehicle. They also come updated to their latest software so that no additional programming is required; this enables most units to be plug and play so that the vehicle even starts upon installation. Further, representatives are available to assist in diagnosis and post-installation inquiries. Representatives can help identify the exact part number required for your vehicle so that there is no confusion on what unit to buy. These online retailers enable you to repair your vehicle for as little as $100.00 depending on the part number; even rare parts are significantly less than what a dealership would sell it for.

Utilizing our online store is the best way to keep repair costs low. Online sellers are an extremely valuable resource when looking to repair your vehicle. Despite the complexity of the engine management system, these retailers provide all the necessary information to allow car owners to repair their vehicle right at home, and in most cases, make it so the dealership can be avoided completely. Take action now save money and get rid of your check engine light today and it’s control system!

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