Is it my Transmission Control Module or My ECM?
This is a Transmission control module

Transmission problems can be caused by a number of things. One of those things can be a vehicle’s Engine Control Module (ECM) . It’s important to understand though that if you are having troubles with your transmission, it’s not recommended that you blame it on your vehicle’s computer right away. You should always try to perform an ECM reset first before ruling out its a bad transmission control module.

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Some common signs that you have a bad transmission module are, a dramatic change in your fuel economy, constant transmission solenoid trouble code even after replacing them, constantly experiencing shift lock or random shifts and getting stuck in neutral when shifting.

Like with most vehicle problems, you need to start with the most simple issues that could cause your transmission to act up. A simple check to make sure your transmission fluid levels are okay could save you a lot of headaches.

Other problems that can cause your transmission to act up can usually be identified with a few diagnostic tests. If you have a problem like low pressure in your transmission case or a bad transmission oil pressure sensor switch, this could tell your engine’s computer to turn on the check engine light.

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Diagnostic tests may also turn up a sticky valve problem, bad transmission speed sensor or a bad transmission control solenoid. These are all problems that may have nothing to do with your T. That’s why it’s important to check other problems before you go changing your vehicle’s transmission module.

To find out if you have any of the above transmission problems or any other transmission problems, you might want to consult your dealership or a transmission specialist. The tests alone can be pretty easy to perform, but finding out exactly what the test is telling you may take a professional to help.

You may also want to take into account that if the diagnostic test offers you up a bigger problem then just your vehicle’s ECM not working correctly, you may end up at a dealership or transmission shop anyway, so why not go to one to begin with? Let’s face it, how many DIYers really have the equipment like a hoist in their garage to do major transmission work?

Transmission Control Module or Engine Control Module Acting Up?

Your transmission may not even be causing you any problems, it might just feel like it is. When an TCM fails to work properly, you may be getting a feeling that you have a transmission problem but in reality it could be your Transmission control module acting funky. A bad TCM can affect your fuel and air mixture, and your timing and spark control causing a feeling that your car is jumping due to a slipping transmission, but it could be your engine that’s choking up. And let’s not dismiss what can cause your TCM to act funky when there is nothing wrong with it. A bad battery, a bad alternator and other electrical problems can send inadequate voltage to you Transmission Control Module causing your engine/transmission or both to act crazy.

Whatever the case may be, if you feel like your transmission is acting up, be it an ECM problem or one of the many other transmission problems that can come about, waiting for a rainy day to get them fixed is not a good idea. Problems like these won’t go away and will only compound themselves in time. Eventually, you will end up stranded somewhere with a vehicle that doesn’t run. Even worse, the longer you let a problem like a transmission that is acting up take a back seat to other priorities, the more likely you will have to spend more money to get it fixed as these module symptoms can end up costing you more at an auto repair shop.

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