How Much Does it Cost to Replace Your Engine Control Module?

Once a diagnosis has been made and you have concluded the ECM is malfunctioning, your next step is to decide how to move forward; to decide whether your ECU ( Electronic Control unit needs to be repaired or replaced altogether. Getting your ECM replaced or repaired at a mechanic or dealership is one of the more costly expenses and there are a few factors that determine that price; rarity of part, age of vehicle, and labor are among these main contributors. After a certain amount of years companies may stop manufacturing new control modules resulting in a limited supply of those modules leading to used vehicles being used to facilitate an ECM replacement. In addition to this, certain vehicles contain engine control modules that are very hard to find due to limited production which will also increase the price if a replacement is required. Diesel vehicles like Ford F250’s and Dodge 2500’s are among these vehicles that have expensive engine computers.

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In cases like this, your only option may be to have your original unit repaired if possible. After factoring in the cost of the part itself, the cost of labor must also be considered. Although installation of the part itself is a straight-forward process, testing the vehicle after installation to ensure everything is running properly can be time-consuming. Because there is an intricate wiring system connected to your ECM and because the ECM is equipped with sophisticated software, testing can become very involved. Since there is almost always a factor that contributes to ECM failure, addressing the underlying cause is a priority. If your car engine computer needs to be repaired instead of replaced then that will also add to the amount of labor required.

While there are some expenses that you cannot avoid when repairing your vehicle, there are ways to cut costs and ensure you are getting the best deal possible in quality as well as value.

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Engine Control Module Diagnosis

Car Owners needs to ensure that a thorough diagnosis was made before deciding to replace your engine computer and this is because there are instances where it is not necessary to replace or repair your unit. If you are experiencing problems like loss in fuel economy and engine performance then you may only need to have your unit reprogrammed. Getting your unit reprogrammed costs significantly less than having your unit replaced or repair costs so knowing when a replacement is necessary is important when looking to cut costs.

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Second-Hand Car Computer

Although labor is the bulk of the expense when replacing your engine control module at a dealership or mechanic, it is possible to cut costs on the actual part itself. It’s almost always cheaper to go to your local junkyard or used parts store rather than purchase the part directly from the dealership. Before going to the junkyard you only need to find out the exact product details such as the part number that is on your original unit and match it up with the replacement module. If available be sure to ask for a history of the car, such as known check engine light issues, idle speed issues or any issues that the previous vehicle had including past scheduled maintenance . You also need to make sure that the circuit board is not fried, most ECU repairs shop charges a lot for their services while at Flagship One Inc, We guaranteed you the cheapest of prices, be sure to call us for a quote.

Pre-Programmed Engine Control Modules ECM

Repair costs and labor at a dealership could be anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 depending on the vehicle. Once the control module is installed then the unit must be programmed to match the vehicle it’s being installed in which requires expensive software and equipment. Programming and updates installed are also responsible for optimizing the engine’s performance. As a result it may sound like a dealership is unavoidable, however, there are companies that specialize in the procurement and programming of engine computers. Online companies like Flagship One, Inc. have created a space where you can order the exact unit required for your vehicle and have it shipped to you. All programming software is already installed so that no additional programming would be required which massively reduces engine control modules ecm cost. In most cases, the units are sent completely plug and play so that your vehicle will even start upon installation. Module cost from these online stores are as little as $100.00 and even the rarest modules like cummins diesel control modules are sold at a fraction of the price when compared to the dealership. Dealership grade equipment is also used to program these units so there is no reduction in engine performance. Due to the wide range of products sold at a massively discounted price, online stores that sell pre-programmed units is the best way to keep engine control module costs low.

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