Transmission Problems You Should Not Ignore

Vehicle transmissions that are correctly working are essential components for a reliable car. The transmission provides a means of adaptation for both speed and torque converters in most vehicles and power transmission systems. It is, therefore, crucial to repair it if it experiences any damage, or possibly get a transmission replacement. Notably, replacement costs tend to be a bit pricier than the cost of transmission repair.  However, different entities provide an arrayed price list, which varies from place to place. Although the cost of transmission cost replacement is pricy, it should be taken into consideration when it is clear that all repair efforts are futile. Afore delving into transmission repair costs, how do you know if your transmission is going out?

Transmission shifts that delay

Do you any hesitation from the car when shifting gears from park or pausing while shifting to the first gear or the subsequent ones? If so, then the vehicle might be having a bad transmission. Transmission gear delays are amongst the most noticeable signs of a defective transmission system. Besides, you might perceive a burning smell from under the car’s hood. This is a convincing ground to warrant the services of a specialist. The owner may end up spending thousands of dollars on transmission repair. However, many business solutions can provide a method to lessen the vehicle repair burden. 

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Vehicle is shaking

If the car is shaking while at different speeds, then something is undoubtedly amiss with the transmission. This is a typical transmission issue that warrants attention from a professional.  It is also customary to notice the fluid leaking from under the vehicle. Such instances call for a transmission rebuild or even replacement, primarily if the defect is borne deep. Nonetheless, repair costs have a less hefty price tag compared to a remanufactured transmission. In other vehicles, the transmission may grind, screech, or even slip as a sign of a bad transmission.   

Manual transmission gear fails to move

Indeed, this experience is a clear indication that the vehicle’s transmission requires the utmost attention. A manual transmission gear that requires physical strain to move, or is unable to move will make speed and torque conversions impossible. This is possibly an issue with the connection attaching the gear to the engine’s crankshaft. Or, a transmission leak can also lead to a similar defect. As expected, the labor cost for this repair may be hefty as it requires undivided attention. Ultimately this leads to getting the transmission rebuilt or replaced. Bring the car to a reputable garage to have the defect addressed promptly. PS. This could also be a sign of a failing transmission control module

Other signs that show you have a bad transmission. Foul-smelling, cloudy and thick transmission fluid on the dipstick and whistling, clunking and screeching noises are common examples. Since the transmission consists of various components that continuously undergo friction and heat, they readily experience wear and tear faster than their other parts. Here are several problems that can arise:

Dirty and low transmission fluid

It is imperative to repair a transmission problem immediately when they are identified. As a result, it will be unnecessary to replace the transmission out of the blue. Transmission maintenance is an excellent practice to follow, mainly to augment its durability. It also helps detect low and filthy transmission fluid, which inhibits the effectiveness of the transmission system. Debris-free and adequate transmission fluid is necessary to keep gears lubricated as well as prevent grinding in manual transmissions. Automatic transmission, on the other hand, employs the fluid to enable the transmission of hydraulic pressure to the differentials. This way, it facilitates movements inside the transmission.  

Damaged gear synchronizers

In most cases, it takes three to four days for a mechanic to complete the repair of the entire transmission, including damaged gear synchronizers. Synchronizers, or simply synchros, are devices that level the spin of the subsequent gear ratio to the former during shifts. When they fail to operate optimally, the resulting experience can be hectic. If left untreated, they can ultimately lead to transmission failure, eventually leading to a replacement. However, if proper care is observed, they can have an extended usage stint. This issue is most prominent in manual transmission vehicles, nonetheless.  

How much does it cost to repair, replace or rebuild a vehicle’s transmission in a garage?

This depends on the car is for repair as various garages provide different labor costs. The model of the vehicle will also determine the price tag for either replacing or rebuilding a bad transmission. The value of repairs can be affected as well. Prices of transmission rebuilt or replacements vary concerning the extent and severity of the defect. It is recommendable to review their testimonials and reviews while observing reliability, prices and reputation before contracting them. A garage with encouraging reviews is likely to be providing excellent services compared to an exceedingly criticized garage. This will guarantee that you get value for your money regardless if it is a repair or replacement


In brief, transmission replacement repairs are part and parcel of any machine, especially locomotives. From issues with brakes to bad automatic transmission, you will be spending more time at the garage. With the transmission, it would be advisable to contact a transmission specialist with commendable expertise. A general mechanic would do as well, but they will not guarantee flawlessness. Once in a while, or regularly if you can, take the vehicle for transmission inspection and maintenance. This will increase the longevity of the transmission as well as its performance, at which point replacement costs declines. However, this does not mean that careless driving will not harm the car or its transmissions cost.    

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