Is this an Engine Computer or a Body Control Module?

So you’ve got a 2 plug Chrysler Module in hand and you’re feeling ready to replace your old, broken Engine Computer or PCM, Powertrain Control Module. It’s about the same size and it should work the same, right? Wrong! What you’ve actually got is a Body Control Module, BCM, for a 1996 – 1997 Chrysler. The 2 plugs and rectangular shape of these BCMs are shared in common with the 2 plug Chrysler PCMs. They are usually located in different places in the vehicle.

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The Powertrain Control Module, or PCM, is a reliable pre-programmed digital computer that operates the engine control system of a vehicle. It brings engine performance through the management of engine parameters like air-fuel mixture, idle speed, and ignition timing. Body Control Modules, or BCMs, are separate computer with different functions from Powertrain Control Modules. It usually does not control any functions explicitly related to the engine.

What does a Body Control Module do?

The BCM corresponds with other parts in a vehicle to control the many functions of the body of a car. These electronic functions are just as important as the engine functions to having a good car experience. Driving in darkness in the late hour would be terrible without the light functions controlled by the BCM. There’s a gentle breeze out and you easily flick a switch to bring the windows down and enjoy a nice drive in the wind. Thanks to the Body Control Module, you no longer need to roll the window down and up with a crank.

It also helps control the security system of the car. Locking the door as you leave your vehicle with the click of a button in the key is another feature. Trying to enter the car and getting no electronic response from the key will set an alarm and hopefully scare away intruders. It’s a blazing hot summer day and you’re burning up in that old Chrysler without a BCM to activate the Air Conditioning. Without it, you’re better off riding a horse than the deathtrap that your car will be. BCMs and PCMs provide different functionality to vehicles, which is why it’s so strange for the parts to look so alike. Similar part numbers and similar general builds can be confusing at first. Chrysler BCMs are lighter and feel less like a brick than traditional Chrysler 2 Plug PCMs.


How to fix issue with Body Control Module?

Damaged BCMs can be diagnosed by recognizing sudden, strange behavior. This mainly involves different functions happening at the activation of other functions. For example: horn honking when you turn on the hazard lights; windows coming down when you adjust the radio; or even lights randomly flashing as you close your window. Multiple symptoms like this could point to an issue with the Body Control Module. Unfortunately, if the BCM is truly damaged, it cannot be repaired most of the time due to various factors. It is best to replace the BCM in these circumstances.

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