How to Replace a PCM ECM ECU (Engine Computer) on a 2001 Dodge RAM Truck Pick-up


1-To avoid voltage spike damage to either the PCM or ECM, turn ignition to off, and disconnect negative battery cables before unplugging ECM connectors.
2-Be sure to disconnect both negative cables at both batteries.
3-Remove ECM’s 50–way electrical connector bolt. (A female 4mm hex head. To remove, use a ball-hex bit or ball-hex screwdriver. ex. Snap-On t 4mm SDABM4.
4-Carefully remove the connector from ECM as the bolt is removed.
Remove mounting bolts for ECM, then remove the ECM from your vehicle.


Note: Do not paint back of ECM as this will result in the poor ground.
1- Clean all mounting points for ECM at the engine block.
2- Install the three mounting bolts while ECM is positioned in place. Bolts are to be tightened to 24Nm, or 18 ft lbs.
3- If ECM pin connectors show damage or corrosion, make necessary repairs.
4- Use a quick-drying electrical contact cleaner to clear 50-way electrical connector of debris and dirt.
5-Install 50-way connector to the PCM carefully, the tighter the connector hex bolt.
6- Install battery cables.
7- While the key is in “on” position, press throttle pedal to the floor slowly. Release slowly. It is critical not to skip this step so the CM can learn the accelerator pedal position’s sensor calibration. If this step is skipped, diagnostic codes may be displayed.
8-Use a scan tool to erase previous diagnostic codes from the PCM.

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