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Ensuring the quality of your Dodge PCM is of paramount importance on your vehicle. Your vehicle may be running too rich or too lean, it may idle rough, or your vehicle may not start altogether. Our sales professionals are all especially knowledgeable in diagnosing these issues and any other issue your vehicle may have while also providing the resources to ensure you have what you need to get your vehicle back on the road. From engine computer to fuse box we have a wide range of electronics available for your Dodge vehicle.


How to replace your Dodge PCM


Before starting feel free to check out our video on YouTube, where we show you how to change your Dodge PCM in less than 15 minutes! Replacing the PCM in your Dodge vehicle is as easy as it gets. If you can change the battery yourself, you should definetly be able to change the PCM on your own and we are going to show you exactly how it's done.

To start, pop open the hood of your car and disconnect the negative terminal. Make sure to turn your headlights on and off so that you can drain any remaining power. Once you are done with that, locate your engine control module. In most Dodge vehicles the engine computer is usually near the top of the engine compartment on the driver side.


Now, carefully unplug the wiring harness from the old PCM. You will also need a wrench with either a 10mm socket or an 8mm socket to remove it from the engine compartment. Next, plug in the Dodge PCM you received from us and just repeat the step mentioned above in reverse order.


Here is a list of all of the Dodge PCM, Dodge ECM and Dodge Control Modules that we have in stock and are ready to ship:


• Dodge Avenger PCM | Dodge Avenger ECM | Dodge Avenger ECU
• Dodge Caliber PCM | Dodge Caliber ECM | Dodge Caliber ECU
• Dodge Caravan PCM | Dodge Caravan ECM | Dodge Caravan ECU
• Dodge Challenger PCM | Dodge Challenger ECM | Dodge Challenger ECU
• Dodge Charger PCM | Dodge Charger ECM | Dodge Charger ECU
• Dodge Dakota PCM | Dodge Dakota ECM | Dodge Dakota ECU
• Dodge Dart PCM | Dodge Dart ECM | Dodge Dart ECU
• Dodge Durango PCM | Dodge Durango ECM | Dodge Durango ECU
• Dodge Magnum PCM | Dodge Magnum ECM | Dodge Magnum ECU
• Dodge Neon PCM | Dodge Neon ECM | Dodge Neon ECU
• Dodge Nitro PCM | Dodge Nitro ECM | Dodge Nitro ECU
• Dodge Ram Promaster PCM | Dodge Ram Promaster ECM | Dodge Ram Promaster ECU
• Dodge Ram Truck PCM | Dodge Ram Truck ECM | Dodge Ram Truck ECU
• Dodge Ram Truck Cummins PCM | Dodge Ram Truck Cummins ECM | Dodge Ram Truck Cummins ECU
• Dodge Ram Van PCM | Dodge Ram Van ECM | Dodge Ram Van ECU
• Dodge Stratus PCM | Dodge Stratus ECM | Dodge Stratus ECU
• Dodge Viper PCM | Dodge Viper ECM | Dodge Viper ECU