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Chevrolet modules in our inventory come flashed to its latest updates optimizing the efficiency of your vehicle and programmed to your VIN by our senior technicians making all Chevrolet units plug&play. No additional programming will be required and installation can even be done at home cutting out all need for a dealership. Along with a refurbished OEM part your package will include a set of key cycling instructions in order to synch your original keys to your reprogrammed module. It can be difficult to diagnose your vehicle as having an engine computer problem, however, typical symptoms include engine misfires and your keys losing communication with your previous ECM resulting in a flashing key light. If you can't find the exact part that you are looking for, simply give us a call because our supply of vehicle controllers is the nation's largest so you'll be sure to get just what you need -- at a price you'll like!

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Position Name Price Part Number

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All Chevrolet PCM (Powertrain Control Module) Chevrolet ECM (Engine Control Module) & Chevrolet ECU (Electronic Control Unit)from Flagship One,Inc. are precisely programmed and flashed to meet your vehicle's specific requirements. Our Chevrolet PCM,Chevrolet ECM and Chevrolet ECU units that are labeled plug & play will not require any additional programming.

Here is a list of all of the Chevrolet PCM , Chevrolet ECM and Chevrolet Control module that we have in stock and are ready to ship :

Chevrolet Astro PCM | Chevrolet Astro ECM | Chevrolet Astro ECU
Chevrolet Avalanche PCM | Chevrolet Avalanche ECM | Chevrolet Avalanche ECU
Chevrolet Beretta PCM | Chevrolet Beretta ECM | Chevrolet Beretta ECU
Chevrolet Blazer PCM | Chevrolet Blazer ECM | Chevrolet Blazer ECU
Chevrolet C/K Series PCM | Chevrolet C/K Series ECM | Chevrolet C/K Series ECU
Chevrolet Camaro PCM | Chevrolet Camaro ECM | Chevrolet Camaro ECU
Chevrolet Caprice PCM | Chevrolet Caprice ECM | Chevrolet Caprice ECU
Chevrolet Cavalier PCM | Chevrolet Cavalier ECM | Chevrolet Cavalier ECU
Chevrolet Cobalt PCM | Chevrolet Cobalt ECM | Chevrolet Cobalt ECU
Chevrolet Colorado PCM | Chevrolet Colorado ECM | Chevrolet Colorado ECU
Chevrolet Corsica PCM | Chevrolet Corsica ECM | Chevrolet Corsica ECU
Chevrolet Corvette PCM | Chevrolet Corvette ECM | Chevrolet Corvette ECU
Chevrolet Equinox PCM | Chevrolet Equinox ECM | Chevrolet Equinox ECU
Chevrolet Express PCM | Chevrolet Express ECM | Chevrolet Express ECU
Chevrolet HHR PCM | Chevrolet HHR ECM | Chevrolet HHR ECU
Chevrolet Impala PCM | Chevrolet Impala ECM | Chevrolet Impala ECU
Chevrolet Lumina PCM | Chevrolet Lumina ECM | Chevrolet Lumina ECU
Chevrolet Malibu PCM | Chevrolet Malibu ECM | Chevrolet Malibu ECU
Chevrolet Monte Carlo PCM | Chevrolet Monte Carlo ECM | Chevrolet Monte Carlo ECU
Chevrolet S10 PCM | Chevrolet S10 ECM | Chevrolet S10 ECU
Chevrolet Silverado PCM | Chevrolet Silverado ECM | Chevrolet Silverado ECU
Chevrolet SSR PCM | Chevrolet SSR ECM | Chevrolet SSR ECU
Chevrolet Suburban PCM | Chevrolet Suburban ECM | Chevrolet Suburban ECU
Chevrolet Tahoe PCM | Chevrolet Tahoe ECM | Chevrolet Tahoe ECU
Chevrolet Trailblazer PCM | Chevrolet Trailblazer ECM | Chevrolet Trailblazer ECU
Chevrolet Venture PCM | Chevrolet Venture ECM | Chevrolet Venture ECU