Airbag Control Module

The airbag control module unit is an essential module within your vehicle and is responsible for triggering the airbag system during a collision and also store crash data. This is a very sensitive module that is triggered by no less than six sensors, all of which supply information to the airbag control to assess the severity of the crash and trigger the appropriate restraint systems based on the trajectory and force of the crash. In a matter of seconds the airbag control module will evaluate the crash and apply the appropriate response making it essential for the air bags module to be working at its fullest capacity in order to reduce the risk of injury to the passengers of the vehicle. Companies like Volkswagen have dedicated extensive research towards preventative measures during a crash and have refined their modules to optimize the control of their restraint systems and a much improved event data recorder. Dual-stage airbags are very commonplace and are used to reduce the load of airbag deployment based on the severity of the crash and the your seat belts restraint. This allows the airbag to deploy at a reduced rate of power so as not to harm the driver or passenger if the crash is not severe. In a matter of milliseconds this system can analyze the crash and deploy the airbag at its proper rate of power. This system is also sensitive enough to assess the shock to the vehicle and enables it to differentiate between a pothole and a crash. It is important to know whether or not your vehicle’s airbags have been deployed so if you are looking to purchase a used vehicle then checking prior airbag deployment should be a priority. If the vehicle’s airbags have been deployed previously then the airbag module will require an SRS airbags control module reset or a replacement altogether.